Keep Your Dog Flea Free with ACV


Fleas that just won’t go away are a problem for many pet owners.

Finding a safe, non-toxic solution to your never-ending flea infestation can be an incredibly frustrating endeavor, and many dog owners eventually turn to chemical solutions in defeat. Yet there are safer and more environmentally friendly ways.

Apple Cider Vinegar is natural and perfectly safe to use around pets and young children. It’s also much cheaper than many over-the-counter flea medications. It won’t harm your best friend but it will stop the fleas from sticking around!

Here are some tips from a team of pest controllers with over 20 years experience fighting off flea infestations.

As a Topical Spray

The most effective way to eradicate fleas on your pet is by using a spray made of equal parts ACV and water. Spray your pooch all over with the solution. If your dog has longer hair you might need to brush it through to ensure full coverage.

Be careful not to spray the ACV mix into your pet’s eyes, as this will sting.

Do this every day for a week and your flea problems should diminish. You will also need to wash or spray all bedding, blankets and carpets that your dog has been in contact with, as these may be harboring fleas or their eggs as well.

As a Additive to Drinking Water or Food

Adding a small amount of ACV to your dog’s drinking water or mixed in with food can aid in the process of flea removal.

As little as a tablespoon per quart of water can be enough, and if your pet doesn’t like the taste you can always reduce the amount further.

When mixing it with food try adding a tablespoon per meal for an average to large sized dog, and slightly less for small breeds.

ACV can be great for your pet’s health in a number of other ways, similar to how it benefits humans. Some common side effects are a shiner coat and a happier, healthier dog. You may also find other nagging problems clearing up with this addition to their diet.

Jay Martin