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Grandma Pat is a senior citizen in the USA. Born and raised in the mid-west resulted in various conservative views with a bit of old fashion individualism. Believing that education is a lifelong project that shapes the individual, Grandma Pat is always searching out a better understanding on many issues.

Hire A Goat?

Since we know herbicides and pesticides are dangerous products, how does one keep a tidy yard? Well, you could pull weeds, vines and poison ivy by hand, or you could hire a goat. A nice hungry goat or an entire… 0 Shares |

Public Education or Public Control . . . Which Is It?

Something is wrong with public education. Children are in trouble these days for hugging, or wearing certain t-shirts or eating a lunch brought from home. In a country that boasts of liberty for all, there is growing control over public… 0 Shares |