Public Education or Public Control . . . Which Is It?


Something is wrong with public education. Children are in trouble these days for hugging, or wearing certain t-shirts or eating a lunch brought from home. In a country that boasts of liberty for all, there is growing control over public school children. Drive past a school and the way children dress might suggest total liberty and/or it might make one blush. There was an Internet joke a few years back (author unknown) that pointed out in jest that the way children dress these days is proof of poverty in America. The jesting was regard to boys wearing their daddy’s pants–the pants were too big. And, girls were too poor to have new clothes so they wore what they out-grown leaving a gap between top and bottom.

On one hand, public school children are to submit to total control. On the other hand, public school children appear to have no standards at all. What’s up with that?

On July 29, 2013 a very interesting video (linked below) was published on YouTube documenting the origin of the public school system. The video gives a brief overview of where our educational system came from. The modern public school system in the USA and Canada came from Prussia in the 1830’s. The area occupied by Prussia is now mostly Germany. Two of the many purposes of the Prussian educational system was to teach children obedience to the government and to eliminate individual thinking.

The video goes a long way toward explaining what we see today–children are to obey the school system yet, children copy each other. Can you imagine a 12-year old going to school in a 3-piece suit with his books in a briefcase? He’d probably be labeled as having a personality disorder and in need of medication.

So, how to we solve this problem? We need to be aware that the thoughts that go through our head are not totally our own. We need to examine our beliefs and encourage others to do so, as well. Educate yourself then calmly share what you learn with others. Try not to be obnoxious but encourage brain waves among friends and family.


Grandma Pat is a senior citizen in the USA. Born and raised in the mid-west resulted in various conservative views with a bit of old fashion individualism. Believing that education is a lifelong project that shapes the individual, Grandma Pat is always searching out a better understanding on many issues.