Since we know herbicides and pesticides are dangerous products, how does one keep a tidy yard? Well, you could pull weeds, vines and poison ivy by hand, or you could hire a goat. A nice hungry goat or an entire herd of goats.

Amazingly, goats are excellent grounds keepers. Goats are even better at it than cows or sheep because a goat will eat plants that other animals will not eat. And, goats just love their job of eating everything in sight, all day long.

The Congressional Cemetery, located about 20 blocks from the Capitol building in Washington D.C., will soon have a herd of goats grazing 24/6 at the cemetery. The goats are preferred over harsh chemicals that might damage trees. Damaged trees tend to drop branches and/or fall over during wind storms, which might damage the historic headstones. Along with weed control the herd of goats will also provide fertilization. Organic fertilization.

What a concept. Now, an old goat might be taking those jobs nobody wants to do.

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