This green, white, or purple vegetable come in spears, is packed with nutrition, and is low in calories. There are plenty of reasons to consume this veggie. With only 90 calories in one cup, it’s pretty incredible that this amount also contains 57% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) for Vitamin K and 34% of the RDI for folate. Vitamin K is great for bone healthy and prevents blood clots. Folate is beneficial for cell growth and is also called Vitamin B9. This is very beneficial for a healthy pregnancy during the development stage of the baby. Lots of antioxidants can also be found in these spears, especially vitamins E and C.

The benefits continue with the assistance it provides for digestion. One cup has about 7% of the daily fiber that we need which helps with regular bowel movements. It has also been said to aid with weight loss because of its low caloric make up and the fact that asparagus is 94% water. Between the water and fiber content, the body is basically reaping only benefits from this vegetable. Maybe the only downfall is that it can make your pee smell funny. This is because asparagus contains high levels of amino acid asparagine which is a natural diuretic. Extra fluids and salt get flushed out, again which could help with weight loss. Bloating can also be reduced. It has also been known to help reduce the appearance of acne scars because of the niacin it contains. It has also been said to help with inflammation from arthritis.

Asparagus is also a very versatile vegetable because it can be eaten raw, boiled, grilled, steamed, or even roasted. It goes great in salads and dishes like stir-frys.  The name asparagus comes from the Greek word “sprout”. This vegetable grows very quickly when in the ideal conditions. Not as popular as traditional vegetables, but asparagus deserves some recognition. Great for a snack or in a dish, it can become part of a healthy balanced diet that the body can reap plenty of benefits from.

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Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough owns a fitness studio in Oceanside CA called Every BODY's Fit. She has a Doctorate in Health and Human Performance, M.A. in Physical Education & Health Science, and she's an NASM Master Trainer & Instructor. She's also a professional natural bodybuilder, fitness model, Wellness Coach, and AFAA Group Exercise Instructor. She has 6 books on Amazon too,.