Andre Stern the Self-taught Child : the Story of a Happy Success



André Stern, 42 years old at the time of this video, is a living experience of what happens to a child who has never received any type of education, and whose childhood has never been interrupted. His testimonial deconstructs the conceived ideas on what is the best education for the optimal development of a child. He actually lays a new foundation for “an alternative to education”. What if a child left alone without any constraint to learn specific notions and topics at a specific time, had actually a spontaneous disposition to learn on its own faster and more efficiently? Indeed, in light of modern neurosciences, the child is equipped with the most adequate self-learning skills: play, curiosity and enthusiasm.


Mind fragmentation

It seems that the development of the child free of imposed learning methods may prevent the fragmentation of the mind by constant interruption of activities, busy schedules, rigid ideas and prejudices (to not say dogmas), tests and scores, and rewards and punishments which instill fear, doubt, low self-esteem, need for approval, conformism and so forth. Compartmentalized, the child loses connection with the whole, unity, universality – and thereby himself. Things, people, concepts are divided and segregated into boxes made of thick walls. The premise for division and war is set up.

The mental compartmentalization is a technique dear to the elite and its servants for mind and mass control because it keeps individuals in a state of fear, ignorance, stupidity and submission. The elite seems to have refined those methods and now apply them worldwide in the educational programs, starting at Kindergarten to insure a ‘zero-default’ supply of obedient and zombified slaves.


From dumbing-down education to self-learning

More and more parents are aware of the dumbing-down education system and turn to alternative methods to save their children from the idiotization process and thus preserve their free spirit. But the alternative options can turn into a nightmare as they are time-consuming and they require a lot of personal and financial investment from parents who also have to deal with the hassle of the state’s requirements.

André Stern shows the traits of a genuine and accomplished person – whole, smart, grounded, talented, creative, enthusiastic, open-minded, and fully integrated into society. His experience may inspire parents to try something different, something much simpler which goes back to the natural dispositions inherent to all human beings. It seems that, once again, we have complicated everything by letting others convince us that we are stupid, that others know better (especially authority figures), and that we cannot learn on our own by tapping into our inherent knowledge. Consequently, we have projected these convictions onto our offspring.


Trusting our children and ourselves

Maybe, as parents and ‘educators’, it is time that we trust in the incredible innate abilities of children. Our little ones may actually sense what is best for them in terms of timing and pace for apprenticeship, and which learning tools suit them best according to their personality. I see parents praise their child’s uniqueness and ‘naturality’ but do they realize that forced education tends to fade their originality and creativity?

This video made me realize that it is time that we get rid of the false and outdated belief that there’s an age limit to learn new and complex things; that we start trusting in our boundless inner capacities that are simply imprisoned in our (compartmentalized) mental cage and are waiting to break free. In other words, it is time that we acknowledge the reality of who we really are as human beings: unlimited, omniscient and omnipotent creative beings! I let you be inspired…

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Marie A. Boularand
Marie A. Boularand is a certified Naturopath, Biodecoding® Practitioner and Psycho-bio Therapist. Founder of the Biodecoding® Institute, she has been practicing, teaching and writing about Natural Health, Self-healing, Personal Transformation and Human Consciousness for the past 20 years in France and the USA. Her main focus is on educating and empowering people to help them regain their health sovereignty, get out of the fear of disease, acknowledge and trust their self-healing abilities. Using common sense and searching for the root cause, her method approaches the human being at all levels of consciousness. For more information visit her website