Aconite: homeopathic use of Aconite for anxiety, shocks and flu


Aconite is a homeopathic remedy made from the Aconite plant. The plant is also known as monk’s hood, wolf’s bane, or friar’s cap and known as Aconite napellus in the homeopathic materia medica. Used historically as a means to poison arrows, it was made into a homeopathic remedy by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, in 1805. It was one of the first of his remedies, created by placing the entire plant into alcohol to create a tincture, which was then diluted and shaken to create the homeopathic potency.

Main uses

Aconite is used to treat symptoms of great fear and anxiety and for conditions in the lungs and childbirth. The symptoms appear suddenly and disappear as quickly. The nerves are in state of overexcitement and the pains are intense. This can lead to headaches from blood in the head. Aconite is also used to treat colds and flu, especially when the symptoms come on quickly after being outside in cold air. Aconite is also a good remedy to treat gout.

Mental and emotional

Aconite is a wonderful remedy to treat emotional shocks and agonizing fears. The person needing Aconite is restless, and can scream, moan, bike their hand or nails. They feel that they want to die, or they fear death and pupils can be dilated. Panic attacks can be treated well with Aconite, as well. The person needing Aconite may suffer from phobias, such as fear of heights, crowds, the future, of touching others, accompanied by restlessness.

Colds and flu

The flu needing treatment with homeopathic Aconite comes on suddenly and quickly, especially after being outdoors in a cold wind. Fever and burning in the chest accompany the dry cough, which can have a barking sound. The person may sleep fitfully. The face alternates between hot and pale. They are thirsty for cold drinks, though they have no taste for food and only want to drink water. During the fever, the person does not want to be touched, as the skin is hypersensitive. The throat can be dry, red and hot, with choking on swallowing.

Aggravation and ameliorations

The Aconite temperment is better in the open air and with warm sweat. The person is worse in crowds or crowded, stuffy rooms and at night.

Stomach and digestion

Aconite treats vomiting that is accompanied by intense burning thirst. They can crave beer but are worse after drinking iced drinks. They might experience projectile vomiting and the abdomen is sensitive to being touched. Milk disagrees with them, but wine ameliorates. Aconite is a useful remedy for food poisoning and the stomach flu.

Mouth and teeth

Aconite can treat toothaches especially with throbbing in the teeth or grinding. The gums can become inflamed and there is a dry burning heat in the mouth.

Aconite is a useful remedy that belongs in every home remedy kit.






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