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Melanie Grimes is a writer, medical editor and health educator. A classically trained homeopath, she has lectured internationally and been on faculty at Bastyr University, American Medical College of Homeopathy, and Seattle School of Homeopathy. She has been the editor of SImillimum, Journal of the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and The American Homeopath, Journal of the North American Society of Homeopaths. An award-winning screenwriter, Melanie has taught creative writing, and authored medical textbooks. She writes about health, natural medicine, food as medicine, herbs, homeopathy, and travel. 
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Healing Benefits Of The Mineral Remedy Shilajit

Shilajit is a mineral resin that has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years as a revitalizer, to heal everything from osteoporosis to anemia to increasing levels of testosterone. It seems to work by enhancing the production of… 0 Shares |

Usain Bolt uses homeopathy for sports injuries- you can too

Usain Bolt uses homeopathy for sports injuries. Bolt has used homeopathic remedies since he was 16 years old. When he injured a hamstring in July of 2016, Usain Bolt withdrew from the Olympic trials. Using homeopathic remedies, Usain was able… 0 Shares |

FDA issues warnings about Cipro side effects and other antibiotics

The FDA warns about Cipro side effects.  The FDA has issued a warning about the use of the common antibiotics Cipro and other in the class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. Drugs on the current FDA-approved list that are not newly… 0 Shares |

Fireworks toxins can damage your health

Fireworks toxins can damage your health. Fireworks contain potassium perchlorate and other heavy metals such as dioxin, cadmium, and lead. These toxins land on the soil and can leak into lakes and enter the food chain. Avoid exposure to fireworks… 0 Shares |

Probiotics like acidophilus aid digestion

Acidophilus is a type of bacteria that is normally found in the digestive tract of animals and humans. It is a beneficial bacterium that helps aid digestion. Acidophilus is a probiotic, a group of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics have also been… 0 Shares |

Why buy a water filter? Is your tap water toxic?

Water filters are becoming increasingly popular, as people discover that tap water can contain less than beneficial ingredients, and sometimes, even toxic ingredients. Because of that, some people prefer to purchase bottled water or to use a home water filter… 0 Shares |

Tips for better sleep lead can lead to weight loss

Better sleep has been shown to lead to weight loss. Sleep difficulties plague Americans. Research shows we are sleeping less than we did decades ago. Over 75% claim they have trouble sleeping and one in five Americans is taking prescription… 0 Shares |

Is it hunger or food cravings?

To maintain good health, it’s important to know the difference between real hunger and food cravings. Healthy foods are needed for a healthy body, and a well-trained body will crave the foods it needs. Sometimes, you can crave foods you… 0 Shares |

Satisfy your food cravings with healthy foods and healthy snacks

  Healthy snacks can satisfy your appetite without adding calories. These foods are called “free foods” in the diet industry. Of course, having good nutrition and good health is the best way to maintain a healthy body weight. But hunger… 0 Shares |

Why do some people attract more mosquito bites?

Why do some people attract more mosquito bites? Mosquitoes seem to prefer some people to others. With recent concerns about insect carrying diseases, like the Zika virus. West Nile virus, and malaria, avoiding mosquito bites is more important than ever.… 0 Shares |