Satisfy your food cravings with healthy foods and healthy snacks



Healthy snacks can satisfy your appetite without adding calories. These foods are called “free foods” in the diet industry. Of course, having good nutrition and good health is the best way to maintain a healthy body weight. But hunger strikes and you know don’t need to eat more, healthy snacks can come to the rescue.

  1. Water

Drinking water will expand your stomach and trick the brain sensors into thinking that you have just eaten a large meal. Warm tea, and diet sodas are also good, but be careful about taking in too many food additives by drinking diet sodas.

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables have few calories and add fiber and bulk. Have veggies cut up and ready to eat. Carrots, celery, or a sliced tomato are all good choices.

  1. Apples

There is something satisfying about an apple. It has just enough sweetness to be a treat and arrives fresh from the tree in an appropriate portion. Slice the apple for greater eating enjoyment. If you scrimp on salad dressing, you may be able to add additional fat to one of your hunger snacks, such as putting peanut butter on an apple. A small amount of fat is very filling.

  1. Protein shakes

Protein shakes do add calories but they also add protein, which burns fat. A small amount of protein added to juice can fuel your energy and increase your metabolism.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a high fiber food so it is very filling. Keep a bag of prepared popcorn handy and repackage into a small zip lock baggie. That way you will eat the portion that you decide to eat beforehand, and not munch through the whole bag.

  1. Jell-O

Jell-O is another low calorie, high fiber food. The small containers available at grocery stores make a good emergency stash, and are portable so you can take them to the workplace. You can make your own Jell-O by buying powdered gelatin and adding the juice of your choice. Apple juice Jell-O is healthy, refreshing, and filling.


Make sure you have a healthy daily diet and don’t skip breakfast! Add these healthy snacks for a quick pick-me up and to add nutrients to your diet.


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Melanie Grimes, CCH, is a writer, health educator and homeopath. She is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. She has taught at Bastyr University and lectured internationally. Follow her blog at To order professional quality vitamins, visit her online vitamin shop at


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Melanie Grimes
Melanie Grimes is a writer, medical editor and health educator. A classically trained homeopath, she has lectured internationally and been on faculty at Bastyr University, American Medical College of Homeopathy, and Seattle School of Homeopathy. She has been the editor of SImillimum, Journal of the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and The American Homeopath, Journal of the North American Society of Homeopaths.

An award-winning screenwriter, Melanie has taught creative writing, and authored medical textbooks.
She writes about health, natural medicine, food as medicine, herbs, homeopathy, and travel. 

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To order professional quality vitamins, visit her online vitamin shop at