The Beautiful Carnivores

Carnivores are some of the most beautiful animals on the planet.  Wolves have been some of my favorites.  With my wife I used to rescue them, and eventually learned to relate to them as the alpha member of their pack.  I would roll and play with them, and could pick them up and carry them around with no worry about misunderstanding.  That was many years ago, and to this day, I feel them with me, like the native Americans and other indigenous people thought of their spirit animals, so this is certainly one of mine.

I have kept many carnivorous reptiles in my earlier life.  I was about five years old when I bartered some toy I had for a pet garter snake.  I wasn’t quite the expert in snakes at that time, and I made the mistake of feeding that garter snake a mouse and leaving them together overnight, during which time the mouse ate the snake.  That was a pretty bad experience for me as well as for the snake, so I figured I’d better learn some more about snakes, and I did become an “expert” with them later on.

Dogs and Cats I Have Known

Dogs and cats have graced my life since I was a small child, and I have had many close relationships with them.  People think cats are more detached from their people, but they are just different.  I have had cats that would run to me when I called them, and several that have developed special games they liked to play with me.  A beautiful short haired black cat named “Ebony” waited for me, sometimes for hours, just around the corner of a wall in the house, and I was supposed to walk up and stand on my side of the corner, not suspecting she was there but very close to the corner, so she could reach around the corner and claw me by surprise (claws retracted).  Then I would do the same with my finger around the corner, and it would go on for several minutes until she showed me who it was and the game was over.  We must have played that game a few hundred times.

The dogs have been all sizes, from tiny teacup poodles, like the one who is with me now as I write this, to great danes, and every unique personality has been wonderful beyond description, each one breaking my heart in pieces when they left.

Natural Eaters of Flesh

All of the animals above were carnivores, designed by God to eat an almost 100% meat diet.  The word meat is something of a euphemism.  What I mean is they were designed to kill and eat other animals, tearing their bodies apart with teeth and claws as the prey animal struggled and died.  In fact, when I really thought about this, and was trying at the time to extend the life of a poodle I loved who was showing serious signs of “aging,” I thought, “Richard, what are you doing?  You have been counseling human beings for decades on how to extend their lives and add quality to them by returning to their connections to nature, including of course eating their natural diets, and it practically always has worked.  Yet now, you are feeding this dear friend, this family member, “dog food,” (another misleading euphemism) which is a mix of things like corn, soy, the waste products from slaughter houses, and other ingredients that have nothing to do with her natural diet.  So I threw away the “dog food,” including the “organic dog food” and bought her fresh organic raw chicken, with bones and skin, and she became noticeably younger and healthier for many years.  I also gave her some “supplements” like coconut oil, iodine (dogs need it now just like we do), spirulina, and a few other things.  I kept her far away from vets and never let her have a vaccine, a drug, an implanted chip, or any of the other atrocities that vets have been brainwashed into doing just like human doctors.  The veterinary drugs and vaccines and garbage pet foods are why dogs and cats get the same diseases humans do now, and age abnormally.

Me As A Carnivore

So why would I start an article on vegetarianism with a tribute to flesh eaters?  Because I love them.  Eating meat does not hurt their character in the least, they are living out their lessons in life, their experiences, in many case with far greater integrity and beauty than most human beings of the present age.  Their lessons at this stage in their growth do not include compassion for the animals they kill for food, that is not on the list of things they need to learn right now.  I used to be the same way as a human, earlier in this life.  In fact, my grandmother used to tell me when I was only a few years old that I had to eat as much “meat” as possible, that it would make me strong and healthy.  It would never have crossed my mind to question her, as adults were wise to me back then, with the mysterious knowing of gods.  So I became a very devoted carnivore.  I really got into the taste of flesh.  And though I did not become a hunter, I was an avid fisherman, getting up at 4am, as a 12 year old, when our family went on vacation, walking down to the pier on the lake before dawn, to focus for hours on end, locked in psychological battle with some very clever trout.  It was a game to the death that only they could lose, and that’s how it usually went.

Health Issues And A Spiritual Quest

When I was 20, I had already been a serious health researcher for 5 years, motivated by my own battle with health issues, and my determination that the doctors with their drugs and sharp instruments really could not help me, as they had proven beyond reasonable doubt.    I had also been into a deep spiritual quest that really began for me when I was about 5, but was getting more serious with time, a result of my insatiable desire to understand, not by memorizing but by experiencing directly, and I sought areas of experience beyond what I had known before, as well as those people that were qualified to share what they had already found for themselves.

I found spiritual teachers in widely varying traditions that shared the common understanding that there were important reasons for human beings not to eat “meat,” not to kill animals and eat their bodies (or have others do the killing and package the bodies in stores where I would usually buy them).  I was a devoted carnivore up to then, but my desire to know the truth was deeper than my attachment to any physical taste, and I was willing to change my attachments if necessary to live in accordance with what I found to be best.  So I investigated this issue along with others as thoroughly as I could.

Awareness Grows

By this time, back around 1970, I was becoming more aware inside.  My memory of times before this life was growing (or coming back, actually), and some of the events in my life were beginning to make sense in a new way.  My studies of health information were frequently bringing me in contact with teachers who were explaining the health drawbacks of eating meat.  They pointed out that the intestinal tracts of carnivores were shorter than those of humans, and that the longer time going through the human digestive tract allowed for the release of some undesirable breakdown products and toxins that could lead to health problems in humans over time.  But there was another argument against eating meat that was beginning to affect me much more strongly than such physiological differences between humans and carnivores.  It was really not an argument at all, but a further opening of consciousness.

In the 1980, I took multiple trips to India to communicate and interact with several individuals known as spiritual masters, all of whom said not to eat animals, but whose teachings fell short for me in many ways and how they said to deal with every day issues and relationships.  There were holes in what they taught, as I came to realize.  It would be decades later before I was able to fill in those holes with a better understanding, partly from my own inner exploration, partly with the wise input of other, more evolved teachers.  But one thing from these early guides did help me, although indirectly and not in the way the teacher intended.  One of the gurus taught us not to look into the eyes of animals, presumably as this could negatively affect our “more advanced” consciousness.  So I thought, right, well, let’s see what this is about, and I started looking deeply into the eyes of animals of all kinds.  I mean pets, farm animals, wild animals, birds, even fish (I had a hard time with insects, but the others I could do).

What I saw changed my life. At first, I saw the physical characteristics of their eyes.  Color, texture, shininess, size, stuff like that.  Then I started seeing depth.  After that it started getting interesting.  I started picking up on emotions of the animal I was looking into.  I had often noticed this when looking at people, that I could feel what they felt, and with them, I could confirm it by talking to them.  It led to the development of empathy which I could not have felt without that connection and feeling what they felt.  But now, it was happening with other creatures too.  Animals, birds, and even fish, which many people believed were practically like inanimate objects, without feelings like ours, barely aware and just moving around by “instinct,”  certainly without “souls” so we were free to hurt them without any concern.

What a surprise.  I found that they were not much involved in intellect, but much more into emotion, experience of the moment, and reacting to that.  The depth of emotion they were feeling was incredible.  They were very conscious beings, experiencing lives rich in emotional content, very present in the moment, and observant of their surroundings in fine detail, far more than many human beings I have known.  They felt excitement, desire, anger, confusion and joy.  And they definitely felt pain.  Many pet owners, closely tuned into the feelings of their pets are aware of this to varying degrees.  But somehow, even to most of them, they steak on their plate came from an animal that was just some kind of nondescript “thing,” so they experience no moral or emotional conflict in eating it.  That animal was an “it,” their pet dog or cat is a “him” or “her.”  Massive difference, a point of view of convenience, detached from questions of pain and death.

Deeper Connections

I made this connection with animals, without even meaning to, and it has only gotten deeper.  I communicate with them now automatically without effort, and I feel what they feel.  Generally what they feel equals what they think.  As human beings, I have noticed that we avoid this problem by cutting off awareness of what we feel at deeper levels, so we can pursue thoughts and the resulting actions that are in direct opposition to what we know inside.  Those of us who have gotten the most completely separated from our deeper emotions (some of which are also referred to as “conscience”) have gone on to become political leaders or corporate leaders whose decisions and actions lead to the torture and death of many people, sometimes millions of people.  It is easy to look at them and what they have become by cutting themselves off from normal human emotion, and condemn them in our minds.  But what about us?  Do we have the courage to look at ourselves, tearing down the safety barriers put into place by us, to save us from seeing our own thoughts and actions that we might not otherwise like?

Pet owners of normal compassion would cringe at the thought of causing any pain, physical or emotional, to their beloved four footed (or feathered or finned) family member.  Their pet is not just an idea to them, he or she is a living, feeling, aware being whom they love.  But the cow from whose body the steak they eat was cut, is just an “it.”  The truth is that if you order someone to be killed, even if you hire someone else to do it, you have committed the murder.  It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, or justify it in your mind, this is just the truth.  If someone, God forbid, were to order the killing of your pet, they would be responsible for that murder.  In fact, as a side note, police from numerous corrupt departments around the country are starting to murder people’s pets as a matter of course when they go to the person’s home for any reason, and this very disturbing trend has drawn widespread reactions over the last many months.

Four Legged Martyr

The cow who gave her life to become your hamburger was as innocent and beautifully aware a creature as your pet, even if she was never given a name or a comfortable place to live.  If you develop compassion, it’s no longer an intellectual question.  You cannot be a party to her death, or eat her body, no matter what the “meat” tastes like.  The heart trumps the mind, in sane people, who are brave enough to become aware.  For those who remain trapped in self-imposed prisons of self deceit and detachment from their own deeper knowing that would guide them in life, all sorts of crimes are possible, and are carried out every day, but not without cost.  This world and its apparent lack of “justice” is hard for many to figure out, because the inexorable affects of even our smallest actions are not usually immediate.  The time delay has most of us fooled into complacency or some manner of misunderstanding, that leads us into mistaken actions, unaware of the scope of results.

Ultimately, the person who begins to feel the emotional sensitivity of animals, and the many attributes and feelings they share with us, can no longer kill and eat them.  It’s not a philosophy, but an experiential reality.  Is it a philosophy that keeps you from eating your own family members?  Generally, no, you would not think of it no matter what they might taste like.  This is no different when we finally get the courage to become honest, and to look at the animals as who they really are.

Finding The New Balance

It actually took me years between when I realized who animals were and that I never wanted to cause any of them pain, and when I finally figured out how to keep my body in optimal health without meat.  But I did figure it out, and eventually found ways to prevent or cure virtually any disease and most of so-called “aging,” just with lifestyle adjustments and consciousness expansion.  Anyone can do the same thing if they have the desire.  We are far more than we know, we have abilities beyond what we imagine, and they are real.

Thousands of years ago, a teacher that many of us know and love was giving a talk to a group of old and very sick men, who had begged him to teach them how to return to health.  The account is beautiful and inspiring, and contains the best explanation I have seen, of why not to eat “meat.”  This teacher explains that the animals are our own younger brothers and sisters, and should not be killed except in rare cases of self-defense.  And he says to be careful of our actions in all we do, because “he who kills, kills himself.”  We think of animals like inanimate objects at our own peril.  If you want to read the full account of his words, you can do that for free, in a direct translation from the ancient language, at

Going to the next level of awareness, of honesty, of consciousness, is not always convenient or easy, and is not always appreciated by those around us, who may call us fools or worse for what we do.  But if our motives are pure, we will always find a way through, and we will be supported from inside.  In fact, it is where all support really comes from and I have seen that it will never let us down.

If you are a true carnivore at heart, the death struggles of an animal whose flesh you want excites you and you feel nothing for the suffering he or she is going through.   If the animal is an “it” to you, not he or she, then you may be like the wolf or tiger, and you should go with what you feel no matter what others may think.  There is nothing evil about carnivores, including human carnivores.  Whatever path we choose there will be others that object and we can never please them all.  Being true to ourselves has to be first, and I am saying this as one who has so many times gone against what I knew at deeper levels, only to pay big prices later on.  Carnivore humans being true to themselves deserve complete respect as they follow what they feel inside.  I am only saying that one day, maybe or maybe not in this life, a new chapter of compassion will open, a wider awareness, and your habits and desires will change.

A Vegetarian’s Song

Face to face with you now, new emotions arise

I never before saw this look in your eyes

Were you always this beautiful, always this wise?

How is it I missed ever hearing your cries?

So long has it been, wandering in the mist

Always so sure, I had checked off the list

Passed every test for what a person should be

Now to find I ignored the gift you gave me

Proud of my conquests and all I had become

Not speaking my language, I’d assumed you were dumb

Never looking within, I could not see your heart

That held so much feeling, I could not even start

To tell you my sorrow for hurting you so

My only way through and for love now to grow

Is for you to forgive me, so we onward can go.


Richard Sacks

[email protected]


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