7 Sneaky Ways Winter Causes Pain


Cold, winter weather is fast approaching. Just the thought of freezing rain, icy roads and snow can cause chills down the spine, but winter can also wreak real havoc on the body. Winter weather can cause pain on nearly part of the body including the eyes, the mind, the back and more. Check out these simple, yet effective ways to fight these areas of pain fast.

Harsh Winter Air

Frigid and constant winter air can quick dry out the skin and lips. Our skin naturally replenishes itself with the water we drink and the healthy fats we eat. In addition, our body also absorbs moisture from the air to rehydrate itself. However, as the air get drier, your skin can’t absorb moisture from this air if very little exists. They caused chapped lips, flaky skin and more.

The Solution: Carry lip balm with you every way you go. Purchase a multi-pack of lip balm and wisely disperse them in your desk, your coat and one in your glove box. Also, use good moisturizer after showering or bathing.

The Weight of the Snow

Shoveling snow can cause shoulder, back and chest pain. The wetter the show is the heavier it is. Although it’s very relaxing to watch the snow gently fall while sipping on a cup of hot coco, but when you realize you now need to shovel it, it’s not so enjoyable. According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine over 11,500 suffer from snow-shoveling related injuries annually.

The Solution: Use your leg rather than lifting the snow filled shovel with your back. Also, purchase an ergonomically designed shovel. This design helps to keep your back up right. Finally, to reduce muscle sore drink a glass of cherry tart juice. Published research has shown that drinking this red fruit juice helps to reduce muscle soreness.

Shorter Days

Shorter and greyer days can cause headaches and depression. Less sunlight means less vitamin D. According to a study published in the Journal of Headache and Pain a vitamin D deficiency has been linked to people experience headaches during the fall and winter months.

In addition, scientists have names winter depression as “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD. It is believed that those suffering from SAD may be effected by the lack of sunshine and waking up before dawn.

The Solution: Purchase garden-glow lights. These are the same type of lights that help to grow indoor plants. They mimic natural daylight and can help fight the winter blues.


Many people may not realize that dehydration is a very serious issue during the colder months since the ground is covered with frozen water particles. But not drinking water and staying hydrated can make your body feel achier. The reason is water helps the body to process and remove waste.

The Solution: Just like the warm summer months, carry a bottle of water around with you.

The Sniffles

Catching a cold or the flu during the winter is commonplace. Combine this with the dry air and that simple cold can turn into something truly miserable. The nasal passages can get plugged a lot fast and it becomes painful to clear your nose or throat.

The Solution: Get an annual flu shot

Icy Roads and Sideways

Driving on icy roads or walking on ice is a balancing act and can cause extreme tensioning throughout your body. The reason is during driving your hands are white-knuckling the wheel to help you stay on the road. This leads to your entire body remaining tension and causing strain in your arms, back and buttocks. Walking on icy, you may find yourself unconsciously tensioning up too. The body is preparing itself for a potential fall.

The Solution: While walking on ice, try shuffling your feet rather than lifting them. They will help give you continuous solid support. While driving try to relax your body after those tense moments and stay conscious of your body.

Eye Strain

Freezing rain, sub-zero winds, white-outs and blustery winds can irritate your eyes, causing pain.

The Solution: Consider were sunglasses to protection your eyes from glare and particles like dirt and snow flying through the air. Also, use eye drops to help keep your eyes moisturized and refreshed.

Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas is an independent writer and writes about the natural health benefits of food, alternative medicine and natural home remedies. She in the process of developing her website sharing the wonders of Mother Nature. Some of her favorite sites include www.TraverseBayFarms.com and www.OrchardofHealth.com