7 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight


Did your jeans feel a little snug this morning when you jumped into them and you’re wondering why? It might not be just a question of calories v. exercise, as many people assume. There are a number of other reasons for weigh gain that you haven’t considered and seven of them are listed below.

Sleep Deprivation

Not getting enough sleep causes biochemical changes in our bodies which increase our feelings of hunger, makes it easier to store fat, and causes us to not feel satisfied even after eating (which can easily lead to a binge). Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night if possible. It will make weight loss much easier.


It’s ok to feel a little stress sometimes, but if this condition is chronic, it can also lead to easy weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. This is because stress releases cortisol and other hormones that slow our metabolisms and make it easier to pack on the pounds.


This sounds like a strange one, but it is true: when you are constantly switching from one task to another, you are usually not being as efficient as you think and this can lead you to stress out and make mistakes. A study from Emory University also found that people who multitask more and less able to control themselves around food and more likely to overeat.

An Obsession with Thinness

While it is okay to have a role model for weight loss, constantly surrounding yourself with images of super-thin models or celebrities can actually have a detrimental effect on your efforts. Specifically, it can cause you to give up hope of weight loss achievement and be more likely to make unhealthy food choices.


There are many prescription medications that are commonly used and can cause weight gain when they are used. Common culprits include anti-depressants, anti-seizures medications, anti-psychotics, beta blockers, synthetic hormones, medications to treat diabetes, and anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol drugs.

Traveling for Work

If you travel frequently for work, you are more likely to gain weight. This is largely because of a mostly sedentary lifestyle and the fact that eating out frequently when travelling can lead to bad food choices at restaurants or fast-food places.

Nutrient Deficiency

If your body is low in certain nutrients like iron, magnesium or Vitamin D, this can lead to lower energy levels and we often make up for that lack of energy by overeating and drinking tons of caffeine. If you suspect you are nutrient deficient, consult with your doctor as simple blood tests can often diagnose these problems.

Thus, there are a number of reasons for weight gain that have little or nothing to do with the amount of food that you are eating. On the whole, getting a good night’s sleep, keeping the stress levels low, working out even when you are on the road (e.g. at a hotel fitness club) and consulting a doctor if you suspect you are nutrient-deficient are good ways to help avoid this strange reasons for weight gain.

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