7 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure EVERYTHING (From Simple Pain to Deadly Cancer)


The Cherokee and Meskwaki are Native American tribe that is indigenous to the Southeastern United States. They believe that the Creator bless them with a gift of understanding and preserving medicinal herbs. They believed and used the benefits of nature’s pharmacy. Here are some of the medicinal plants that were commonly used by the Cherokee tribe.

7 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure Disease (From Simple Pain to Deadly Cancer)


Blackberry is the well known remedy for stomach problem. It is good sources of vitamin A, B6, C, E, K, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. It also contain good amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc. Using a strong tea from the root of blackberry helps to reduce swelling of tissue and joints. A decoction from the blackberry roots, sweetened with honey, makes a great cough syrup. Even chewing blackberry leaves can sooth bleeding gums and prevent cancer.

Big Stretch (Wild Ginger)

The Native American tribe Cherokee believed that the mild tea made from the root of wild ginger, to stimulate better digestion and treats stomach problems, colic, and intestinal gas. A strong tea from the root of wild ginger can wipe out emission from the lungs. Another Native American tribe, The Meskwaki, cured ear infections by utilizing pulverized, soaks stems of wild ginger.


Mint is extremely popular nowadays, and and is commonly consumed in tea form. It has strong antioxidant properties and also high in vitamin C, A, fiber, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

It has been used by native americans tribes to improve digestion, and its leaves ointments used as cold compresses. Moreover, its leaves and stems were also used as a treatment for high blood pressure. If you are breast feeding and find your nipples cracking, try applying some mint water.

Navajo Tea (Greenthread)

Also called greenthread, Plains Tea or Coyote Plant, this plant has been used for centuries by Native Americans to quickly relieve that most brutal and irritating of infections: the UTI (urinary tract infection). It is best when made into a tea or decoction.

Jisdu Unigisdi (Wild Rose)

Wild rose fruit boost our immune system, it is a rich source of vitamin C which help us to fight common cold and the flu. The Cherokee drink mild tea out of wild rose hips to stimulate the function of the kidneys and the bladder. Wild rose petal infusion used to treat sore throat and a decoction of its root will treat diarrhea naturally.

Hummingbird Blossom (Buck Brush)

Native Americans used this medicinal plant to treat mouth and throat issues, inflammation and fibroid tumors, and it also has been used to treat high blood pressure and treat lymphatic blockages. The Cherokee boil its leave and flowers in water for 5 minutes and then consumed it warm in order to obtain best results.


This herb has the power to soothe asthma and chest congestion. According to the Cherokee inhaling in the smoke from burning leaves and roots of this plant effectively open up our air pathways and calm our lungs. Mullein is very helpful in soothing mucous membranes. Soak your feet in a warm mullein decoction to lower joint pain and swelling. Due to its anti-inflammatory attributes it soothes painful and irritated tissue naturally.






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