7 Cabbage Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of


This highly nutritious and delicious vegetable is part of the cruciferous family, just as kale and broccoli. These vegetables are notorious for being loaded with beneficial and health-promoting nutrients.

Here are 7 ways that cabbage benefits your health!

1. Lower risk of certain cancers

Cabbage contains antioxidants that bind with cancer-causing free radicals. Free radicals are naturally produced by your body during digestion. The problem is that these substances are toxic.

When you eat too much free-radical producing food, your body’s immune system can’t cope and will let them escape to react with cells and alter their DNA. The damaged cells receive the wrong instructions, quickly reproduce themselves without control, and turn into cancer cells.

Antioxidants fight free radicals by binding to them and making them non-reactive.

2. Help lose weight

Cabbage brings your weight down in three ways. After you eat cabbage, the fiber makes fat latch on to it instead of letting your body absorb it. As a result, your fat cells are not filled up and even your cholesterol levels are lowered.

All that water in the cabbage you eat serves to fill you up and prevent you from eating more than you should and it flushes out toxins and excess fat.

Cabbage also contains tartaric acid that has the ability to prevent sugar and fat from being turned into fat.

3. Cure hangover

Up to now, the root cause of a hangover is not clearly understood. What everyone does know is that having one means you feel extremely thirsty, have a killer headache, and want to vomit the whole time.

Studies on the ancient Romans’ medical practices reveal that they regularly recommended eating lots of cabbage to avoid the effects of drunkenness and to treat a hangover. Cabbage has an extremely high water content that can counteract the effects of dehydration due to alcohol intake. Also, the fiber in cabbage absorbs alcohol impurities (congeners), thus helping to relieve your headache and nausea.

4. Relieve peptic ulcers

Research shows that cabbage juice has long been used in ancient Europe as a remedy for peptic ulcers.

Deep within the cabbage is the powerful substance called the anti-ulcer U factor or glutamine. It provides relief from ulcers by neutralizing stomach juices, helping to heal, protect, and soothe stomach lining and digestive tract.

You’ll benefit from this knowledge by preparing your own cabbage juice (boil cabbage leaves, set aside the leaves, and drink the water left). You can also buy dehydrated cabbage powder and still get the same ulcer-curing effect. But remember, fresh is always best.

5. Treat warts

Warts can be tricky as you can easily get it through contact, wound infection, or certain drugs that have a negative side effect on your immune system.

Eating mashed cabbage or drinking cabbage juice has always been practiced in ancient times and there’s a good reason you should follow suit. The antioxidants in cabbage are a big help in enhancing your immunity, ingesting it will help to reduce warts and also help to lower their chance or reappearing.

6. Heal pneumonia

Treating pneumonia calls for targeting its cause — it could be a certain type of bacteria or virus. Hence, cabbage benefits you because of its high levels of diindolylmethane, a substance that can activate interferon-gamma receptors, which in turn decrease your risk of getting bacterial and viral infections. Following the ways of ancient people and you can significantly improve your respiratory condition by eating mashed cabbage.

7. Detoxify the body

Cabbage is loaded with vitamin C and Sulphur, which does a great job in removing toxins like free radicals and uric acid, from our system. These compounds are the main contributors to arthritis, skin diseases, rheumatism and gout.


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