5 Ways To Make Your Puppy Happier


You may have read all the studies about how dogs can help reduce stress and make your life easier, so you’re ready to bite the bullet and head down to the local pet rescue place to obtain a new dog. Before you do — read up on these ways to naturally, if not easily, help yourself gain a pup that will benefit your life and not stress you out.

Tip #1: Get the correct breed for your lifestyle

Perhaps the most important tip for garnering the best breed of puppy to match your lifestyle is to perform tons of research prior to picking up a dog to bring home. For example, knowing that an Akita or Chow Chow are among the hardest breeds of dogs to train can seriously prepare you for the challenge.

If you’re a high energy, Type A, always-on-the-go kind of person, a Weimaraner could fit well into your lifestyle. Meanwhile, a water-loving individual may do well to bring a Labrador Retriever home.

Tip #2: Training is important

Although training a new dog can seem like a boring and mean activity, in the end the hard work and discipline can pay off. Happy puppies have boundaries, and they tend to grow into well-behaved dogs that know their limits. As such, proper training of pets leads to more confident and in-control owners. Farm out the responsibilities to a puppy trainer if necessary.

Tip #3: Remember the love and relax the rules

During all the dog-food buying binges and training regimen, remember the reasons why you got the dog in the first place: to add joy to your life and the pet’s life. Is it absolutely necessary to forbid Fido from hopping on the couch, chomping on his leather leash every second or sneaking in a fallen crumb of food on the kitchen floor? Don’t drive yourself crazy with 101 rules.

Tip #4: Socialize and seek impromptu playdates

Well-rounded puppies and dogs are those who’ve been intentionally placed in the path of children, adults and other dogs. Help make those opportunities happen by bringing your puppy along on the carpool run if possible, or take them on daily walks in hopes they may run into other dogs. Doing so will ultimately reward owners with fun-loving dogs that know how to behave around people and animals. As reported by CBS News, puppy play groups are now a thing that can benefit both humans and their four-legged friends.

Tip #5: Give yourself a break and find a great doggie spa

Everyone needs a change of pace, and that includes getting a break from the monotony of waking up early every morning to let a dog outside to do his or her business — along with feeding, bathing, brushing their teeth and trimming their nails. Find a great place to board your dog that can take care of such matters while you get away. Again, doing so can help your dog see new sights and help you as a dog lover to recharge your “happy batteries” and return to Fluffy ready to soak up all that puppy love once more.

Paula Neal Mooney