5 scientifically proven ways to make you look 10 years younger


Nobody can hide from the effects of time on your health, age and appearance (no matter how hard they try). On the bright side though, there are certain ‘secrets’ that can help to slow the effects of the aging process. They don’t include any expensive anti-aging creams, plastic surgeries or a sip from the Holy Grail. Instead, these methods to look ten years younger are completely achievable and affordable.

  1. Quit Smoking/Bad Habits

It is scientifically proven that smoking causes wrinkles. This is due to the fact that the chemicals in cigarettes, combined with the act of smoking, creates molecules that attack the collagen, resulting in damaged skin that will lead to wrinkles. Your best option to avoid these unnecessary signs of aging is to quit smoking altogether. This can be a very difficult task which is why many people choose to switch to e-cigarettes instead. Phoenix eliquid is your best bet to take one step closer towards quitting and the best aspect is that they are safer than normal tobacco cigarettes and won’t cause wrinkles.

  1. Exercise

If you ask any doctor or GP how you can make yourself look younger, they are likely to advise you to get more active and start exercising. There may be days you would rather sit on the sofa and watch your favourite TV shows rather than visiting the nearest gym and that’s fine. You can do small bursts of exercise throughout your day to help your body adjust. A simple walk or jog in the park is enough to add more colour to your face and help you to lose weight, which will in turn make you look and feel years younger.

  1. Drink plenty of Water

Water is a massive part of our wellbeing. It gives us softer, clearer skin and helps blood to carry nutrients around the body. If you’re wondering how much water is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and to look younger) the NHS advises that women drink 1.6 litres of fluid per day whilst men should drink about 2.0 litres per day. To put it in simpler terms, eight glasses for women and ten glasses for men is more than enough.

  1. Sun Protection

Getting a bit of sun is completely healthy and necessary. However excessive sun exposure can cause sun spots (a definite sign of aging) and even increase the risk of skin cancer. To avoid this and reduce your risk of sun damage you must look after your skin. According to BBC News, “the anti-ageing product with the strongest scientific support is plain and simple sun cream.” Dr Tamara Griffiths from the British Skin Foundation told the BBC that there is “scientific evidence that sun exposure is the cause of many of the changes we associate with looking old like coarse wrinkles and sallow texture.” Therefore, using a good sun cream will go a long way towards making you look a decade younger.

  1. Reduce Stress

High levels of stress can often lead to additional health problems whilst making you look a great deal older. Stress tends to leave us feeling tired and weak, traits which often decide to reveal themselves through our faces. Huffington Post states that “taking certain supplements such as fish oil, selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and being social will help break the stress cycle”.

Jessica Foreman