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Young First Time Drivers Buying Used Eco Vehicles

With the increased costs of motoring and the detrimental effect on the environment of internal combustion engine cars, the ‘eco car’ has proved highly popular in recent times. From the diesel or petrol driven car with special fuel economy and… 0 Shares |

Is e-Liquid safe?

Non-vapers might regard the thought of ‘e-liquid’ with suspicion. A number of troublesome questions arise: What is it and how is it made? How long does the process take, and where is it made? What safety measures are in place?… 0 Shares |

Simple Innovations Making The Health Care Industry More Efficient

As the general election comes to a close and no one can predict for certain who will take up the mantle in Downing Street, the future of the NHS and its funding hangs in the balance. This is why, until… 0 Shares |

5 scientifically proven ways to make you look 10 years younger

Nobody can hide from the effects of time on your health, age and appearance (no matter how hard they try). On the bright side though, there are certain ‘secrets’ that can help to slow the effects of the aging process.… 0 Shares |

5 Jobs That Could Be Putting You At Risk Of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Looking after the health of your ears should always be among your priorities, regardless of your lifestyle. Hearing declines with age, that much is known; according to Hidden Hearing research indicates that around a quarter of people aged between 65… 0 Shares |