5 Of Nature’s Top Super Healers


These days, there is a lot of talk about how important it is to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in our diets, for a myriad of health reasons. While this is certainly true, and perhaps cannot be repeated often enough, there are other things you can consume that are of tremendous value to your health.

And they don’t necessarily fall into a category of “fruit” or “vegetable.” In fact, it is difficult to pigeonhole them into any particular category.

So I will call them “super healers,” because that is exactly what they are. You can get them in any supermarket, they are not expensive, and they will do you (and your body) a world of good.

Read on for the lowdown on nature’s super healers!

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

This old standby has been used for medicinal, cleansing and (housecleaning!) purposes for ages. But do you know all the ways it can benefit you personally, and how to use it to your best advantage? Let’s explore this powerhouse substance.

  • It is extremely effective against potential bacterial pathogens (1)
  • It has been proven scientifically as effective in lowering blood sugar levels (2)
  • It has been shown to be promising as a weight loss aid (3)
  • It can be a heart-healthy supplement (4)

So how can you unlock these benefits and put them to practical use?

The easiest, most practical way to include it in your diet is to use it to enhance your food. Use it as a salad dressing, for example.

Another option is to simply dilute some with a glass of water. You’ll want to aim for a dosage of no more than two tablespoons per day with this method, however.

2) Mushroom Extract

Can fungi actually function as a health booster? In fact, it can!

Reishi mushrooms, in particular, have been shown to boost your immune system. It can benefit people with health issues ranging from high blood pressure, heart disease, and even HIV. (5)

The Maitake mushroom, indigenous to Japan, Europe and North America, is also a power player in the world of fungi. Scientific studies have touted the benefits from its consumption for immune function, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and even cancer prevention. (6)

You can purchase this extract nearly anywhere – grocery stores or health food stores for example. You can also find them in dried form or tablets as well. Use as directed on the bottle or package.

3) Chia Seeds

Nature blessed these tiny seeds with a powerful punch of health-boosting benefits. Clocking in at a mere 128 calories per two tablespoons (which is a lot more than you’d imagine), these little seeds are chock-full of healthy nutrients.

They are loaded with fiber, protein, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids and micronutrients. While many people throw some into their smoothies to boost the nutrient value, you can also use them in many other recipes. (7)

Add a tablespoon or two to your power salads, or use them as a replacement for breading in your recipes, for example.

4) Raw Honey

While many people boast of the health benefits of a raw foods diet, you don’t have to go 100% raw in order to up your nutritional score. Simply add some raw honey to your health regimen.

There are multiple advantages to using raw honey. (8)

For example, if you add natural, raw honey into your diet, or even onto your skin – you will see results such as clearer skin, and a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on acne.

It is also a fabulous way to ease a sore throat or soothe a cold. You can mix some in a pot of hot water, throw a towel over your head, and reap the benefits of gently inhaling the steam.

You can also take a couple of teaspoons a day to hold back allergies, and to soothe sore throats.

Add some raw honey to your natural herbal teas, for a sweet and healthy addition to a delicious tea break.

5) Heart-Healthy Nuts

No list of super-healers would be complete without including nature’s best snack ever – nuts! According to the Mayo Clinic, nuts of every kind are good for your heart health. Packed with protein, these tasty treats are very beneficial, and even better, it doesn’t much matter which nuts you choose to nosh on – as there are nutrients packed into almost all varieties.

Whether your favorite is walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds – any nut really is your friend.

They have unsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E, and many more substances known to help your heart stay strong and healthy. (9)
Now that you know about some of the best natural healing substances in the world, go stock up your pantry so you can start reaping the benefits!

Raw Michelle is a natural health blogger and researcher, sharing her passions with others, using the Internet as her medium. She discusses topics in a straight forward way in hopes to help people from all walks of life achieve optimal health and well-being. SUBSCRIBE here to get more from Raw Michelle!

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Michelle Bosmier
Raw Michelle is a natural health blogger and researcher, sharing her passions with others, using the Internet as her medium. She discusses topics in a straightforward way in hopes to help people from all walks of life achieve optimal health and well-being. She has authored and published hundreds of articles on topics such as the raw food diet and green living in general.

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