3 Natural Ways to Dramatically Increase Sports Performance


Struggling to up your game? Seem like you’ve peaked out for some reason and just can’t increase your performance? Don’t get too worked up worried, because hitting a plateau is not uncommon. How you deal with it is what’s important.

While there’s no shortage of supplements and steroids that are commonly used, such as winstrol (stanozolol), many people would much prefer a more natural approach. If that’s you, then keep reading to discover a number of foods that can naturally increase your sports performance.

Eating the right foods can make a world of difference. Because not only does food provide you the nutrition you need to fight disease and keep you healthy, it also provides energy, can reduce inflammation, reduce recovery time and help you develop the strength and speed you need.

Keep Inflammation Under Control with Flax Seeds

Regular intervals of exercise can cause inflammation. The more intense your workouts, the more your muscles contract and can become inflamed. When this happens, your performance can become hindered.

First of all, your muscles aren’t able to move as freely and smoothly, which means you’ll have to exert that much more effort. Your heart rate increases and your endurance decreases.

Secondly, your recovery time suffers. You’ll need more time between workouts or practices for your muscles to recover. That means you’re missing valuable training time.

Flax seeds provide a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce inflammation. While fish like wild salmon normally get more attention for Omega-3 since they contain longer chain fats, with flax seed oil you can get a concentrated dose with no fuss.

Simple as Water – As Natural as it Gets

We all know that staying hydrated is important. Most people will skip right over this part “Drink water, yadayada, no kidding…” So if you’re still reading, I’m proud of you! Your muscles are approximately 80 percent water. Even a measly one percent change in how much water your body has can have a direct impact on your recovery time and performance. Well hydrated muscle cells will promote faster protein syntheses. So the less hydrated you are, the more time your body will need to recover and build muscle.

Here’s how to make sure you’re properly hydrating for each workout: According to Larry Kenny , Ph.D via MensHealth.com, weigh in before and after your workout. For every pound you lose during your workout, drink 25 ounces of water.

Beet Juice for Better, Longer Lasting Endurance

Beets are a monstrous super food for sports players. They provide more sustained energy because of the carbs they contain. They can help improve your strength thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants they contain, namely betaine.

They increase the absorption of oxygen by your cells due to the high percentage of nitrates they contain. That means your muscles have more power available and they don’t tire as quickly. Additionally, nitrate (NO2) provides injury protection for blood vessels.

Several studies confirm the benefits of beet juice for sports performance. By drinking it, you could lower oxygen needs by nearly 20 percent and you can up your endurance by nearly as much. You can also increase speed. Find out more here.

Veronica Davis