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Scientific Evidence Supporting Psychic Abilities

Many experts seem to think that the power of intuition or psychic ability is something that we all possess right from birth. John Holland from Heal Your Life, for instance, suggests that it is a way in which our soul… 0 Shares |

The Vishuddha Chakra: The center of communication and emotion

According to the Indian philosophy and spirituality, there are seven centers of power in the human body. These centers are known as ‘Chakras.’ The seven chakras of the human body regulate and balance the energy and can affect your health… 0 Shares |

Adventures in Fitness: Is Caving for You?

Exploring unknown, remote places has an incredible thrill. I mean, imagine exploring a place on this earth that is still very much undiscovered! Of the many places that have not been explored even in the modern word, caves rank at… 0 Shares |

Obese Pet Owners are Likely to Have Obese Pets

We love our pets, don’t we? We groom them, we take good care of them and most of all we adore them. Have you noticed how quickly pets can take on the personalities of their owners? They often share so… 0 Shares |

Garden Your Way to Better Health

Spring is just around the corner and what better way to meet it than with your lush beautiful garden. No wonder April is ‘National Garden Month’. A well-manicured garden is the pride and joy of every homeowner. Apart from bragging… 0 Shares |

Words and Phrases Still Commonly Misused Today

In writing or in speech, many people will choose words they think will add an air of sophistication or simply bring out a particular meaning. However, it can end up doing the opposite if your understanding of the word is… 0 Shares |

Cannabidiol Based Treatments Shown to Dramatically Decrease Seizure Activity

Many believe cannabis has ingredients that can help with a number of medical conditions. One of the most talked about is its ability to help with seizures. And with the tremendous amount of attention cannabis has been getting due to… 0 Shares |

Child Maintenance Service – UK Now Charges for Child Support Help

Apparently, the UK government thought that that the traditional child support system was outdated. A spokesman for the government claims that there abundant defects, costing over £70 million each year to operate. This is one of the main reasons for… 0 Shares |

Is That Diamond for Real? Start Here to Find Out

One of the most common questions gemologists are asked is how to determine if a given diamond is real or if it’s just a fake stone. Whether you receive a diamond necklace for Christmas, inherit gems or find a possibly… 0 Shares |

Moissanite: The Earth Friendly Almost-Diamond Equivalent

Diamonds. A girl’s best friend, right? Considering that diamonds make up a little over 40 percent of retail jewelry sales, that’s what most would say. But truth is that there are plenty of women, and their partners, who simply don’t… 0 Shares |