10 Fitness Steps Toward A Happier Lifestyle


Exercise is sometimes generalized as an excruciating uphill battle. Fundamentally speaking, the key to being fit is repetition. We know from our experiences that most activities become enjoyable when we do them habitually. Making lifestyle changes, venturing outside more, and hiring a personal trainer are several ways we can improve the quality of our existence. It doesn’t take much time to reap the benefits of exercise as long as you put forth the effort. Here are ten steps you can take to achieve a fitter and happier life.

1. Think about exercise

In order to be fit, we must first imagine ourselves as exercisers. The visualization of an active life will enhance your ability to begin an exercise program. Improved communication between brain and body will prepare you for new physical tasks. Thinking about exercise has a direct impact on your health and it won’t cost you a dime.

2. Get outside and move

There are always going to be days that you have insufficient time and energy to hit the gym. At least three days every week, get outside and make use of the world around you. You could go for a walk, cut the lawn, tend to the garden, walk the dog, or even run the dog. Simply put, the more you move, the better you will feel.

3. Spread the word

Share your commitment to being fit. Initiate conversations about health and fitness. Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to join you for jogs, hikes, and all of the above. The more you talk about being active, the more likely you are to become fit.

4. Be creative

You must make changes in order to change yourself. All of your successes begin and end with your behaviors. Park further away at the grocery store and walk more (be sure to keep safety in mind and park in a well lit area). Avoid the elevator and take the stairs. By modifying your activities of daily living, you can immediately notice the positive effects of being more active. Resourcefulness will not only help you achieve better health, but will also improve your overall ability to make informed decisions.

5. Join the community

Humans are tribal beings and we find comfort in togetherness. Once you have adopted the idea of exercising, search for a gym nearby that will serve as your arena for success. Sign up with a friend or relative and hold each other accountable for consistent gym attendance.

6. Hire help

Don’t beat yourself up, and know that you are not the only one. Every day, people are making the decision to start working out.  If you are someone who needs a coach or just some guidance, you should definitely hire a personal trainer. Certified trainers are experts who have practical and educational backgrounds in the field of exercise science. No matter what fitness level you associate with, a personal trainer will individualize your program so you can achieve all of your specific goals.

7. Reward yourself

Whether you are just starting out or have been exercising regularly, treat yourself to new workout clothes, shoes, and other apparel. You will feel better by looking the part and establishing yourself as a highly motivated individual. You can use new gear as a reminder to exercise by putting out clothes ahead of time. This strategy can effectively contribute to exercise adherence.

8. Get out and Go

This tip may be particularly useful for people who like watching sports at home. Going out to local sporting events promotes greater physical activity than just sitting at home. Keep parking further away and learn to love the longer walk. Gather a group of people to join you and have an awesome time!

9. Track your progress

With regard to achieving goals, recording your progress over time is essential. Whether you make videos, audible recordings, or even jot down some notes, you will be benefiting yourself in the long run. Your new exercise program will be ever-changing and should provide you with continued fulfillment.

10. Be your own propeller

You have accomplished so much already. Congratulate yourself on the hard work and trust that you will continue on your path of active prosperity. Learn to only compare yourself to the way you used to be. Most importantly, maintain the mindset that allows you to succeed and never second guess yourself.

Let’s Regroup

There is no hidden secret to being fit. We all can achieve better health by putting forth more effort. Nothing worthwhile ever came about by merely wishing it would happen. It should make sense to all of us that we must be more physically active to be fit for life. The healthiest choice is always the best decision. Work harder, live better, and keep moving.