Women and Orgasms


As women we are by nature nurturers. We want to please our partner. Sex for younger women in many cases is just that, not that they dont enjoy it, but they are very much focused on pleasing the man.

During sex the thought is “Give it to me”. They expect the man to magically know how to give them an orgasm. If they can’t? They get mad, disapointed or even resort to faking so as not to seem cold or to crush their ego. This can lead to a very unsatisfying love life for both people as it isn’t based in truth.

Women who are older tend to have a different mind set. It’s not that they don’t want to please their partner, but they are more comfortable with themselves and with their bodies. They expect satisfaction too.

The thought changes somewhere along the line from “Give it to me” to “I need to take it from you.” This works far better – No one can just magically “make” you come. Sorry guys. I dont care how hot you are, it takes our concentration and participation too. We have to be able to focus on us and work the muscle contractions in order for this to happen.

All of us figure this out at different ages. Hell some of us never get there. Maybe this focus of thought will even help someone make that connection, hopefully leading to a better more fulfilling and fireworks filled sex life.

I think I had always known this, but somehow the ability to explain just “came to me” tonight.

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