When to say good-bye to a friend you’ve outgrown


When friends show their true colors and they aren’t a match to yours it may be time to say good-bye. At first, I thought it was just me. In the past year or so my entire circle of friends (with a few exceptions) has changed. My world has been flipped upside down. I began even to feel a bit sad and a little sorry for myself, which is really unlike me.

Looking back some of these people were very formitable in my life and for a time very very close to me. We had some damn good times together, and the memories I made with them I will cherish forever. I thank them for helping, in whatever small way, to make me who I am today.

Now, with that said, many have been eliminated. All for varied reasons. Because of this new wonderful people have begun to emerge in my world. For this I am so thankful. The more people I am meeting and talking to, oddly, all seem to be saying the very same thing! Is this the dawning of a new age? Out with the old in with the new? Everyone seems to be following along Obama’s worn out soap box mantra of “we need change!” It’s one of the few things I agree with him on and maybe this falls into our personal lives as well.

Friendships are a delicate thing. To be someone’s friend, not just their aquaintence, takes dedication, loyalty and strength to be able to be there for them when things arent going so well as well as when they just want to go for sushi or to a party.

Some of my now ex-friends have proven that they are either too shallow, too self centered, or too weak to be there for anyone other than themselves. I have now decided that I feel bad for them because really, it is their loss, not mine. I am a gem. It really is hard to find a friend as good as me. There isn’t anything I wouldnt do within my power to help someone that I truly care about. Once I love you. I love you. I guess that is why I am able to remain friends with several of my ex’s.

I have also noticed another trend. The re-emergence of good friends long lost. Friends I havent seen in quite a while yet when I see them again? It is as if time has not passed. That bond that was formed hasn’t waivered. I am still loved as are they. I am rebuilding my world and this time I feel it is stronger than before with good solid honest people who really do care about me and vice versa.

You should never keep someone around who makes you feel bad, or like you arent important, or just continulally pisses you off because they are entirely self motivated and all about themselves all of the time.

Be strong. It takes courage to let them go and let the past be the past and just appreciate them for what they had brought to your life and realize that they are no longer a positive influence.

They may not want to hear it, and you may not want to say it. But you feel it. It needs to be done. It is like the ripping off of a band aid. It hurts, but once its over. It’s over.

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