“Wellnessman” Endorses Lean Protein…Preferably “Veggie”


Natural News Blog.11- “Wellnessman” Endorses Lean Protein…Preferably “Veggie”



When “Wellnessman” makes a landing to eat a meal, he knows that he has to make the main feature lean protein.  Without it, he will be hungry hours later and will not be able to maintain his muscular physique. After doing his regular resistance weight-training, it is imperative to get a good amount of protein in his meal to allow his muscles to repair themselves and aid in increasing their size.



A healthy diet consists of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat. “Wellnessman” wants to remind you that you want to feature protein in every meal. It is vital dietary component to keep your muscles and brain strong. Lean protein is what he recommends. Some examples of this are grass-fed beef or wild caught fish. “Wellnessman” favors “vegan” protein for better health benefits, which include drastic reductions in his chances of getting cancer or suffering from heart disease. Some examples of “vegan” protein are beans, lentils, peas (includes hummus and edamame), organic soy/tofu (non-organic is full of “GMO’s”!), quinoa, nuts (almonds and walnuts are preferred) nut butter (like almond butter) and seeds (such as sesame or sunflower).  Try to limit peanuts and cashews due to their negative effects which cause an increase in toxic stress!


You do you not want to feature carbohydrates as the main attraction in your meals. They quickly raise your blood sugar and they are easily converted into fat. Beans are an exception in that they are a combination of healthy “complex” carbohydrate and protein combined into one food. “Wellnessman” tries to eat beans as an appetizer in soup or salad, or he features them as his centerpiece in his main course.  Due to the fiber content, they have the ability to pass through the stomach and head to the “gut” (intestines) to be absorbed. This leads to a gradual rise in blood sugar, rather than a sharp spike, and a more steady release of insulin after the meal.


If you are stumped and can’t figure out what to eat, you can add a scoop of “vegan” or “whey” protein into your “green” veggie smoothie, and you just made yourself a well-rounded meal! The protein in it will give you strength and energy.  Climb aboard the “Wellness Wagon” with “Wellnessman” by having lean (preferably “veggie”) protein with every meal. Walk strong…with orthotics.


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Dr. Richard Rimler, DPM
Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM has been practicing podiatry in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood, Florida for 25 years with an emphasis on biomechanics. He has recently changed the way he practices by adding a "holistic" model in conjunction with his prior traditional methods. This new model has been well-received by his patients. He invites everyone to "climb aboard the Wellness Wagon" by being able to "Walk Strong." More information can be found on his website entitled "Wellness Starts With Your Feet.com".