Weight loss: What inspired a daughter to participate for triathlon?


Wiremu Bayliss is a living proof that there is nothing you cant overcome when you put your mind into it. In 2012, he was a staggering 150 kg heavier. Thats around 330 lbs. Hes proud to show you his old 190 cm pair of pants. He says those pants are a constant reminder of what he used to be, and what his life was like. Now, Wiremu Bayliss undergone through weight loss than he was at the age of 10. Thin about that, for a second. Now, he is a man who completed eight triathlons and IronMaori events, more than some of the fittest men can say for themselves.


Wiremu Bayliss’ weight loss

Weight problems can be overwhelming. It is something Mr. Bayliss can probably attest to. Frustration, stress, depression and poor dietary choices can often spiral in a never-ending circle of obesity and self-loathing. It is something that affects many people all over the world.

Obesity is a serious and sometimes fatal medical condition in which body fat accumulates to the detriment of persons health and happiness. Excessive body weight contributes to high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, cancer, and many other medical issues, both physical and psychological. It is an enemy that needs to reckon. Wiremu Bayliss did exactly that. He stood up and took his life into his hands. He made the necessary changes in his life for the better for himself and his family. His lifestyle fitness plan made him a healthier man. A more satisfied man.

As he said himself, he was a food addict, but he was able to change his relationship with food completely. Instead of making it work against him, he made it work for him. He made a plan comprised of physical exercises and healthy diet. He also admits that on his journey to a healthy life he underwent a bariatric surgery, a procedure that can cause a weight loss by tightening the amount of food stomach can hold.


Ellie Bayliss’ fight

There is another side of the Wiremu Baylissincredible and inspiring story. Ellie Bayliss is his daughter, a brave young girl who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), is the most severe form of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

FAS causes by exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. Children born with FAS have facial feature disorders and diminished growth. Their weight and height are usually and significantly smaller than average. Their cognitive and motor functions reduced, and can lead to learning disabilities. On one hand, the story of Ellie Bayliss is a tragic one, because of her medical condition, but on the other, her story of her and her parents a beautiful one. The Bayliss family is a family full of support, mutual love and respect.

Wiremu Bayliss and his wife Sunny started to take care of Ellie when she was just a two-year-old foster child, and she is a part of their lives ever since. When Ellie saw her father finishing one triathlon after another, it inspired her to do the same. Ellie Bayliss entered Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon event in Hamilton, and she is very determined at seeing this through. Triathlon is a multiple sporting events competition that involves swimming, cycling and running. It is a testament to human endurance, resolution, and strength, something that Ellie and her father already know a lot about.

When Wiremu Bayliss speaks about his daughter, you can tell that they have a special bond and that he fully supports her wish of entering the TRYathlon competition. When you think about it, what Ellie Bayliss is trying to do is remarkable, considering her disorder. The competition will take place on February 14th, so be sure to check out how Ellie Bayliss is doing. When she enters that competition she will, in essence, start an ultimate fight against her misfortune. In the minds of many, she already won.

She will have plenty of support, thatfor sure.

She is a young role model, not only for all of the children but for everyone who ever stood up and did something for himself, no matter how unbreakable the obstacle is.


Ellie Bayliss and her father Wiremu are two inspirational and brave people. They show us that coping with any problem is always possible. All we have to do is try. So lay off the snacks, eat high fiber diet, prefer weight loss shakes and do regular exercises. The story of Bayliss family is a story of people who refuse to give up. It is a story about love, purpose, compassion and profound dedication.





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