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I've been writing for Natural News under my real name (Paul Fassa) and under a pen-name (PF Louis) since early 2009. My pet peeves are the Medical Mafia's control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies' corruption. Thanks to the alternative health movement's information, I've rescued myself from the walking wounded. I'm 71 and living in Santa Fe - a haven for alternative health practitioners.

Using the Medical Industry to Assist Depopulation Efforts

by Paul Fassa There is evidence that a dynamic involved with lowering the world’s population is aggressive stealth depopulation. Stealth because ostensibly charitable vaccination drives in third world countries are actually Trojan Horses for delivering sterility agents. In the 1990’s… 0 Shares |

The Original Aloe Vera Recipe for Curing Cancer

A Franciscan Friar (monk) who was involved with a Catholic parish in Brazil got familiar with an indigenous recipe using a specific type of aloe vera. The claim was that it could cure almost anything. Father Romano Zago started using… 0 Shares |

Hep-B Vaccinations for Infants: An Early Start Toward Destroying Lives

Hepatitis-B is a viral attack on the liver that is transmitted through sex, shared hypodermic needles for street drugs, and iatrogenic (medical) exposure. It’s a bodily fluid transmitted virus that can occur among those engaging in “risky behavior.” The Hep-B… 0 Shares |

The Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Salt Consumption Dogma is Bogus

It seems the questionable causal culprit for high blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension, sodium chloride or table salt, is being slowly replaced. The new villain that needs to be curbed for lowering high blood pressure is high fructose corn syrup… 0 Shares |

What – You Still Believe Cholesterol Causes Cardiac Problems? Don’t!

Here is what Dr. Bret Hunter wrote in a previous Natural News Blog article – Cholesterol is not the enemy of your heart, it is the hero of your healing. He even arranged a link to Tweet that  statement in… 0 Shares |

Wake Up! Chemtrails are Real and They are Poisoning Us and Plant Life from the Sky

When the denial of chemtrails is overcome, concerns of their content and their effects are raised. Two metals, barium and aluminum, are consistently discovered worldwide in chemtrail analysis from air and water traps as well as mountain waterways and snow.… 0 Shares |

Use This Publicly Hidden Lab Study Against Vaccination Advocates and Vaccine “Greeners”

By “Greeners” I mean those who talk of “greening” vaccines by removing the overtly and obvious toxic preservatives and adjuncts from them. That’s their way of being politically correct or safe by not condemning all vaccinations, in my opinion. There… 0 Shares |

Sink Statins and Surgeries – Create Heart Health Easily with Two Simple Supplements

Author’s Note: Please use the blue highlighted text links and numbers in parenthesis to connect with links in the sources below for more explanatory  information – thanks. The three top causes of death per the CDC in the USA as… 0 Shares |

Charitable Cancer Fund Raisers are Effectively Ponzi Schemes

If you haven’t been following Natural News and reading about the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness scam and exposing activities and outcomes of  the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, here’s  something to consider from Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Natural… 0 Shares |

How to Eliminate Heavy Metal Toxins More Effectively, Safely, and Cheaply

Regardless of anyone’s ignorance or assurances that it’s not so bad, it is. What it is: toxic pollution of our air, water and food. We’re bombarded with it from the chemicals in our environment that began in the 20th Century… 0 Shares |