Tomato, the medicinal use of a vegetable


Tomato is a fruit but we use it as a vegetable. It has medicinal properties. But these are not recommended for anyone. People with auto immune disease might want to avoid tomatoes. The majority of the people can enjoy its benefits as medicinal food. 

Auto immune disease and tomato

Does the tomato have medicinal benefits? Well, it is a nightshade plant and with all nightshade plants there is a problem with people who suffer auto-immune diseases like Crohn´s disease and arthritis. Since recently a small mountain of scientific evidence is growing which shows all auto-immune diseases have to do with infections in the intestines caused by medicines, bad food like meat and drugs use. When the intestines function well, people have no problems with nightshade vegetables. But these nightshades contain some harmful substances. The intestines work as a filter and take care that these substances cannot enter the body in normal, healthy circumstances. Sometimes the intestines fail in their function of being a filter, as is the case for many people with auto immune diseases. This is when harmful substances of food products like meat, sea food, cheese, sugar, white flour and family members of the night shade group like eggplant, potato, bell pepper, red pepper and goji berries can be a cause of auto-immune diseases and even mental problems.

Tomato and cancer

The nightshade story only counts for an estimated 10% of the people. 90% of the population enjoys tomato very well. According to many scientific surveys, eating tomatoes can protect men from developing prostate cancer. The risk for pancreas cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer is also reduced by antioxidants and omega 3 fats in tomato. This is what scientists conclude in studies. Another study shows that there is a growing pile of evidence that this fruity vegetable repairs DNA damage. DNA damage is involved in the developing of cancer tumors.

Omega 3 in vegetables

Omega 3? In tomato? Yes this substance is also available in vegetables. There has been done many research recently and there is a pattern starting to show. Every vegetable of which scientists concludes that it lowers the risk of cancer, has a relatively high amount of omega 3. There is a relation between shortage of omega 3 and setting the conditions to develop cancerous tumors. This is actually well known by some scientists living in the twenties of the 20th century. Otto Warburg already found out 90 years ago that a lack of omega 3 sets the conditions to develop cancer. Brian Peskin explained it all in his book The hidden story about cancer.

Synthetic versus organic

Some studies show that tomatoes lower the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. This is mainly because it is full of antioxidants like lycopene. It is important to notice that scientists sometimes use synthesized lycopene in their studies and sometimes they use natural lycopene. Their studies have different results. Synthesized lycopene does not have the same effect as the ordinary tomatoes. There is not just lycopene in tomatoes, there is an abundances of substances with antioxidant effects. Together they perform a synergetic effect in your body. That means the natural vitamins work stronger by the presence of other flavonoids. Synthetic supplements however, do not contain all the substance the body needs to make a vitamin or mineral effective. We don´t need one chemical; we need a whole lot.


Tomatoes are good in general because they contain vitamin A, B1, B3, C, E and K. Also this fruit-like vegetable is a source of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium. Furthermore it contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which also helps bone formation. Scientists don´t know how lycopene contributes to the bones, but they are sure that it plays an important role. When tomatoes are boiled, lycopene is better available for humans.

Cooking advise for tomato

Of course this love apple or ´pomme d´amour´ as the French use to call it is ideal to be eaten raw in a salad or on top of your bread and cheese. You can make a tomato soup from real tomatoes. That is the right way to use the medicinal benefits of tomato. Scientists also found out that warm tomato meals provide a higher amount of lycopene than cold tomato meals. That is why I wish you: enjoy your medicine!



My field of interest is the healing power of food. Latest scientific research shows that many food has medicinal values. I am researching whether people can get well by eating the right kinds of foods at the right time. What I have found during my research I write down in articles.