Tips to Help Kids Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth


Teaching children how to do anything can be a difficult task, but that’s especially true when it comes to proper oral health and getting them to brush on a regular basis. It takes a lot of practice, but eventually kids will get the habit down and work on brushing their teeth on their own. In the mean time, there things you can try to get them to enjoy brushing their teeth so they’ll look forward to it.

Make Teeth Brushing a Game

For young kids who struggle to brush their teeth regularly, you can make it a game to help them get in the habit. If you make it fun for them, they will enjoy brushing and continue to do so even after the games have stopped. There is even a gaming toothbrush available, called Grush, that makes your character move every time you brush up, down, or to the side. Your kids will be brushing away monsters in the gaming world, while brushing away plaque in the real world.

Do Digital Dental

Television shows and online games all have special segments where necessary habits are shown. Allowing your children to watch these shows and play these games will help them see that even their favorite cartoons brush their teeth, and so should they.

Create a Teeth Tune

Children often respond to songs. Creating your own funny teeth tune will help them feel more comfortable with brushing their teeth, and even make the process fun. While they brush, sing the silly song for them. They will laugh and enjoy themselves while getting their teeth cleaned. Some tooth-brushing songs are already out there, so those can be used as well. Otherwise, change some of the lyrics to one of your favorite songs to make it relevant to your child and their teeth-brushing routine.

Use Fun Dental Apps

Josey Lane Dental offers some advice on fun dental apps that kids can use. Toothsavers is one app choice, where you can set a reminder for your kids to brush their teeth. You can even have them help you track their brushing progress, and record whether they have flossed or not. A game is also included in the app, which allows them to save several different characters and help defeat a sorceress known for creating cavities.

Kids Dental Health offers another type of game, created in a storybook style. Four characters are available, allowing kids to choose their favorite. Each character has their own story and tasks to complete that help them brush right and take care of their teeth.

Orasphere is yet another different type of app offered. While it may not necessarily be fun, it does help children and teens understand certain dental procedures before they get them done. Kids who are scared of going to the dentist can use this app to see how each procedure works. Knowing beforehand will help many see that the process is actually pretty simple, and shouldn’t be so bad to sit through.

Teaching kids to brush can be a challenge. With the help of these four tips, however, you can show your kids that brushing can be fun, and get them to enjoy the task rather than dread it. With special dental apps, shows about brushing, fun teeth songs and even games, children will quickly see that brushing their teeth and practicing good oral health can be enjoyable.

Veronica Davis