Study: cannabis compound might have use as an HIV drug


An article on Wired Magazine’s UK website speaks of a recent study showing that compounds in cannabis (mainly THC) are capable of destroying the HIV virus and could be used as an HIV drug. Cannabis has been used by HIV patients mainly to deal with the side effects of the toxic medication which are called aids symptoms by the establishment but in reality are caused by the ARVs.

So why aren’t the patients who have been using cannabis daily along with their ARV regimen cured? Why are patients who have used cannabis oil (Rick Simpson oil) still registering a viral load and being told they still carry the virus although they seem to have regained their health and many have even quit taking the ARV drugs?

First, we need to pay attention to a few things mentioned in the article:

“THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis — it’s the chemical that gets the user stoned. Synthetic versions of it have been developed for research purposes, and it’s this that was used to attack the HIV-1 virus, which represents the vast majority (more than 90 percent) of all HIV types.”

This to me sounds as if they are attempting to develop cannabis medicine in a lab in order to make a profit. Why would they experiment with synthetic cannabinoids when they could use the natural plant compounds? Some may argue that this is because of the current legal status of the plant and that the researchers were unable to secure a permit to work with natural cannabis, but how are we certain that the results would have been the same or better using lab made vs natural?

“The CB2 receptor in macrophages is stimulated normally when THC enters the bloodstream, so nothing unusual there. However, it appears that macrophages that have their CB2 receptor stimulated are stronger when it comes to fighting and weakening the HIV-1 virus.”

This part is correct because cannabinoids like THC are powerful immunomodulators which strengthen or down regulate immune function based on the condition of the patient. People suffering from immunodeficiency or autoimmune disorders find relief with cannabis because of this reason.

Cannabis is also a powerful antiviral, anti-parasitic, antifungal and full spectrum antibiotic and has been shown to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, something the medical system fails to do. It is only logical to conclude that if a virus such as HIV-1 did exist, it most likely would be killed by cannabis. Cannabis also possesses powerful antioxidant properties which may help detox the body by reducing oxidative stress.

“This was discovered when the research team from the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia infected macrophages with the HIV-1 virus, before then exposing cell cultures to one of three types of synthetic THC that specifically target the CB2 receptor. Comparing these cell cultures after seven days against a control group revealed a clear decrease in the rate of HIV-1 infection.Effectively, the macrophages had become stronger at keeping the HIV-1 virus out.”

Here we have another problem. Despite what the medical system wants us to believe, no single HIV-1 virus particle has ever been isolated from a living patient. The pictures, the research, everything they have come from culture, not from work done on isolated specimens. So what exactly has been done here?

In my opinion this is the usual mumbo jumbo we hear about all the time and this “research” is being used by the medical system to push synthetic cannabinoid drugs and if you noticed, they are doing the same in regards to cancer. This is convincing to the public because many people have used cannabis successfully to treat the symptoms of HIV, but according to testimonials (including my own) all of us failed to clear the virus.

Both my fiancé and I have used cannabis but we have been told over the years of going to the clinic that we still carry a viral load. Why are we and many others like us not cured even if we used the most concentrated form; the oil?

Everything is working as it should. According to testimonials from countless people, in most cases cannabis oil will fix most health issues including a damaged immune system. It will kill any pathogen it comes in contact with. It will reverse DNA damage caused by DNA destroying drugs like reverse transcriptase inhibitors. And if Dr. Robert Gallo’s sex virus of mass destruction does happen to exist, it would kill that too.

There is much to discover regarding the fallacies behind the existence of the HIV virus, HIV testing, HIV drugs etc. A great start would be to Google “hiv fraud”, visit the website and to watch the documentary “House of Numbers”.

Compare both dissident and orthodox perspectives and draw your own conclusion. Now read the “cannabis kills HIV” research and ask yourself a question.

What did they REALLY kill in that petri dish?

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John Strangis