Sovereignty in the Battle for Global Power


Sovereignty demands from each of us a conscious personal commitment to honor the inherent freedom with which we are all born. It enjoins our souls on the quest of self-knowledge and wisdom. It demands no less of us than to participate in the responsibility and creation of a free and sovereign society.
Slavery, on the other hand, requires only that we recognize and continue to honor the exponentially growing pattern of surveillance, sweeping violations of our rights and personal boundaries, contracted servitude to contrivance and usury debt, and the slow kill style assault being perpetrated upon nature and humanity with dangerous prescription pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, invasive nanotechnology, forest killing GeoEngineering chemicals designed to create a solar climate shield and solar dimming, life threatening nuclear radiation and the endlessly crippling residues of war.
The primacy of our inherent sovereign oneness with the “God” consciousness is the alpha and the omega of our own soul’s existence. Nature is not excluded from this as we are an integral part of nature, and it of us. The sovereign conscious life force that permeates all of existence cannot be separated from our soul’s conscious nature. The veil that separates us from this knowledge may have been created by the traumatic process that began our seeming separation on the road to sovereign independence, but it became the weapon of fear and control, of domination by aggression over that in which balance cooperation was already inherent. It was perpetuated by the cultures that adopted the philosophy of domination over all things creative and natural, reflective and life giving. The veil itself is still an apt metaphor for contrived sequestration of natural strength and wisdom. Its manifest icon is still arguably a dual symbol of strength and wisdom as well as an offensive tool of domination and oppression.
Sovereignty is not the exclusive domain of any one faith for it includes all that exists in spirit and in flesh. Nonetheless, no purposeful realization of individual sovereignty can omit the process of personal enlightenment in spiritual union with Source or “God” consciousness. Various nations and cultures approach this subject in different ways, but when our founders acknowledged our personal sovereignty as individuals and wrote the Constitution of the united States, they were boldly and unashamedly avowing by oath the acknowledgment and the protection of our personal authority, our freedom to pursue our personal enlightenment in “God” consciousness. The spiritual concept of the second coming of the Christ applies to the anointing of Christ Consciousness within each heart, as it must. It is the way, through the journey of primacy of the soul, through constant intuitive connection to “God” consciousness, through discernment, through developing compassion and wisdom that we set our inviolate boundaries which are themselves acknowledged and protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and declarative of our sovereign connection to the Source of all thought, all wisdom and all of creation.
Our individual development as authentic and inseparable fractals of the wisdom and consciousness that sets all intention is the function of sovereignty and the only action that will halt the acceptance of the insidiously enveloping slavery and recognize the globalized battle for the monopoly of power.
There are multiple players who vie for power within the culture of control. The utopian one world government is promoted as the physical demonstration of the Oneness of all peoples upon Earth.
What politically declares itself as the global environmentalist movement, recruiting us by our sovereign consciences’ desire to heal our planet, is a pseudo-enlightened “Oneness” bureaucracy that feigns tribute to the feminine planet, naming her and arrogantly speaking on her behalf. It supplants the sovereignty of the individual with the bureaucratic authority of a select body that presumes to speak on behalf of the population of the planet and nature as a whole. It “harmonizes” the divergent religions of the world into a pseudo-deist dogma of the planetary precautionary principle, supplanting the acknowledgement of individual sovereignty and the “God” consciousness with bureaucratically prescribed peace.
In its precautionary credo of environmentalism, it vows to undo the damage done by humanity’s interactions with the environment through selectively and substantially restricting human impact with nature and by restoring vast sections of the earth to a conceptually pre-human condition. Significant reduction of human population is implied. Stewardship and “public-private partnerships” would replace what they perceive to be wealth creation and therefore, inequities caused by “ownership” of private property. “Best practices” are to be agreed upon in predetermined “consensus building” and implemented by “stakeholders”. It recognizes the sovereignty of animals and nature on equal footing with humanity. The sovereignty of the individual is not dissimilar to that of a worker bee. The United Nation’s Programme of Action from Rio, or Agenda 21, and the Biodiversity Treaty delineate the goals and implementation of global environmentalism. It has already been accepted into most counties across the United States in “action” plans and the “greening” of America. Invasive land restrictions, data gathering, the generational re-education of our children and local manufactured consensus governance are already in place, subtly implementing constrictive monitoring and permissions based control of all aspects of human behavior.
The global corporate version of one world government utopia is a model that encloses us in endless cycles of consumerism, conquest, debt and war. Its hierarchy benefits from the revolving door between all sectors of the military, industrial, corporate, congressional and espionage structure. Its end result is also the consolidation of control of all natural, energetic, intellectual and financial resources and the means to harness them. For them, war is a form of population control and religion is a tool for instigating genocide. They have disregarded and dismantled the Constitution and any recognition of personal sovereignty. Their utopia embodies the neo-royal entitlement of privileged lifestyles and power of a sovereign elite supported by the perpetual servitude of a neo-serfdom working class under their manipulation and control. They have the technology and the resources to stage provocative global theater in order to deceive and control populations of people. Their only “God” is the power to plan, execute, survive, and profit from genocidal extinction events.
The post-humanists have yet another agenda. For them, science is the only “God” and the myth of “God” conscious sovereignty is evidence only of neurosynaptic activity in the brain. To post-humanists, humanity and nature are imperfect, inherently flawed and unworthy of the potential of the human mind. Their methods to improve life on Earth involve technologically and genetically modifying, and reshaping the ecology, biology and psychology of Earth’s inhabitants. Living off planet is also within their consideration. From this viewpoint, technocracy will free humanity. Vast populations will no longer be necessary for the function of society. Surveillance and control will facilitate the re-education of those with regressive or inferior thoughts who do not comprehend the wisdom of the post-humanist methods. The human mind will use nano-technology to merge with machine. Post humanists foresee the technological creation of neo-bodies, vessels in which the privileged mind, or the minds of the privileged, can escape the bounds of death.
The precautionary pre-humanist style of environmentalists, the corporate neo-royalty who are already fine tuning the neo-serfdom workforce and the post-human technocrats all share the vision of a controlled populace of vastly reduced numbers. The collection and collating of personal and population data as well as the pharmaceutical sterilization of select population segments is seriously considered toward achieving that goal in each case where strategic war and poverty have not adequately decimated the population.
We must also acknowledge the violently aggressive neo-fundamentalist around the globe that all adhere to their own versions of domination over humanity and the planet. Their reward is in the afterworld. Their politicized religious fervor has been groomed by calculated provocation and rote ignorance, manipulated away from any contemplative wisdom within their parent religions, and strategically re-designed as chaotic catalysts for violent change. The provocations, manipulations and strategic re-designs repeatedly bear the fingerprints of governmental espionage and feed back into the military, industrial, corporate, congressional bag of vipers. This category of manipulated neo-fundamentalists includes not only those for whom jihad no longer means peaceful inner struggle, but those who profess Christian love while promoting the provocative aggression of Israel and the eventual conversion or annihilation of Israel to forcefully produce the second coming of the Kingly “Son of God”. For them, sovereignty belongs solely to a forgiving and vengeful personal “God” who is separate and afar, ruling forever through pathologically schizophrenic and paternalistic dominion. Any recognition of sovereignty of nation or individual, for them, is entirely in service of religious power and flies in the face of our Constitution.
Our mandate for separation between church and state recognizes that freedom of religion must also mean freedom from religion, and does so in the service of the protection of the individual sovereign. Our mandate for the separation between church and state prevents the conversion of our republic, or any portion thereof, into a theocracy of any sort. This is precisely why religious Sharia courts have no place whatsoever, in American jurisprudence. While the neo-fundamentalist Christians are the most adamant in declaring that ours is solely a Christian nation, they do so in order to use our nation’s military, diplomatic and financial forces as a power of their own reckoning. One wonders how their behavior would be judged by their God upon inciting Armageddon.
Lastly, there is the wild card of prophetic fulfillments that we are indeed at the end of an age and we have come to judge ourselves, or perhaps we’ll confirm the realization that our humble planet is only one of many which is likely to host other forms of sovereign life. The potential scenarios all promise dramatic theater of biblical scale.
We are also at the threshold of redefining our material bodies as coherent intentional and sovereign energy. Angels or aliens, demi-gods or devils, whether we are living in a finite reality or merely players in an infinite video game, all of the cultural and scientific speculation that we are not alone is finally reaching a crescendo with open anticipation. All of the historical, religious, evolutionary and mythological definitions of who we are and how we came to be here are being coherently challenged. Everything that can happen, both good and bad, is happening at once.
Are we realizing what our distant ancestors may have faced before their societies crumbled or before their civilizations vanished into time? Is this the corruption of the end of an age and the chaos of a new beginning?
The only thing that matters is our sovereign conscious willingness to fulfill our ultimate spiritual and material potentials, to heal our shadows, our traumatized souls and awaken our memory of sovereign “God” consciousness. The battle for power is mirrored in the perceivable world around us, but the larger battle is for the sovereignty within.
The battle for power is yet to be fully played out, but we can understand what is at stake. The vast population of souls upon this planet is here at this turning point in time. If we surrender our sovereignty out of contrivance, or out of fear, then we will be bound to continue and repeat the cycle of separation, fear, anxiety, greed and destruction in attempted subversion of the fearlessness of sovereign consciousness. If we fail to breathe life into our own conscious integrity, then we will suffocate in the fire that burns the dross of iniquity and sorrow.
If we recognize the global battle for the monopolization of power as impotent in resistance to our own sovereign power, if we recognize that it cannot steal what we do not surrender, if a critical mass of sovereign wisdom is obtained, then the power is ours to heal the wounds of war and corruption. We can cast off the slavery of the culture of control.
We have but to awaken the sovereign consciousness within. We will walk in the integrity of conscience and sovereign free will. The sovereign “God” consciousness within all of existence will reclaim its own, for nothing else truly exists.

Marie Oliver