Solve Skin Ailments with Bentonite Clay


What is it?

Bentonite clay is a unique treatment which has been used throughout history to cure a variety of ailments. The clay is most famed for its ability to remove toxins from the body.

Traditionally it has been used to ease digestive issues such as constipation, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea.

Yet not only can it remove toxins from the body but also from the skin, which is why bentonite clay has received a lot of publicity in recent times and is becoming more and more popular to treat a variety of skin ailments.

How it works

The clay is formed from aged volcanic ash. When it interacts with water an “electrical charge” is created which allows the clay to absorb and thus remove toxins found on the skin.

You can really provide your skin with a complete detoxification using the clay, getting rid of stubborn blackheads, dead skin, clogged pores and even acne.

It does this by getting rid of excess sebum found in the skin and shrinking pores. The clay also contains antibacterial properties which will help heal your current pimples.

This is achieved by mixing the clay with either apple cider vinegar or water and then applying it as a face mask. A pulsing sensation is often felt once the mask has been applied and this is a good sign that the clay is doing its work, removing the toxins to create fresh, healthy and smooth skin.

Relief from itchiness

It’s not just acne that bentonite clay can help with. If you suffer from itchiness due to eczema, psoriasis or even chicken pox, the clay can be applied to relieve symptoms and redness. A burn or a bite can also be soothed using the clay.

Your New Skin Regime

Using bentonite clay eliminates the need for purchasing multiple different products for your skin. The clay acts as a cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturizer all in one. It does this by firstly cleansing your pores, getting rid of toxins and old skin, strengthening your skin cells and therefore keeping your face moist and nourished.

And remember, a little goes a long way. A small package isn’t expensive to begin with but you’ll find it lasts you a decent length of time.

Joanna Simons
Joanna is a natural health coach specializing in nutrition and natural beauty products.