Rethinking the July 4th Adam Kokesh armed march on Washington D.C.


(NaturalNews) As many of you know, activist Adam Kokesh has announced an armed march on Washington D.C. this July 4th. The march is billed as a “peaceful” protest, and the rifles will be slung over the shoulders of those who participate, not held in an attack position.

previous article I wrote here on Natural News asked the question, “Is Adam Kokesh courageous, or crazy?” It questioned the wisdom of the march, suggesting that the march would far too easy to have hijacked by nefarious operatives who would use it to stage some sort of violence and blame it on gun owners.

Over the past few days, I’ve had more time to ponder this act of civil disobedience and to watch the reaction from people like the D.C. Chief of Police, who I swear stole Muammar Gaddafi’s wardrobe (see the video here) and wore it on national television when she announced that Adam Kokesh and other would be arrested for “violating the law.”

But hold on a second. In a landmark court case decided five years ago (District of Columbia vs. Heller), the U.S. Supreme Court essentially ordered D.C. to honor the Second Amendment and protect an individual citizen’s right to carry a loaded firearm. The Supreme Court decision specifically struck down the portion of previous laws that required all firearms to be kept “unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock.”

Yet, to this day, Washington D.C. authorities have still not honored this decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. This means it is the DC police who are, in fact, violating the law if they choose to arrest Adam Kokesh for exercising his rights as clearly described in the Heller decision by the court.

So who’s the real criminal in all this? It’s the “authorities.”

Taking a stand against tyranny

Observing all this, I began to rethink Adam Kokesh’s announcement. Clearly, we are living under illegal rule by a group of criminals who have seized power and who willfully violate the law. Do we not have a moral obligation to stand up and march against this tyranny, even with rifles slung over our shoulders in a show of non-violent solidarity?

Pondering this even more, I went back and listened to the interviews between Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones. In one interview, when Jones asks Kokesh if the armed march might be dangerous, Kokesh replies, “Sitting at home on your couch and doing nothing is the most dangerous thing of all.”

That quote stuck with me. Actually, it kinda hit me right in the chest. He’s right, you know. The road to tyranny isn’t lined with good intentions, it’s lined with masses of people who sit around tweeting and facebooking all day, watching sitcoms and professional sports, whining and trolling and complaining about everything in sight yet never getting off their sorry asses to do anything about it.

And so I thought, no matter what I or anyone else thinks of Adam Kokesh’s activism, he’s at least doing something other than sitting on his ass. That alone is admirable, even if I personally might have approached the whole thing from a different angle.

Civil disobedience

I then searched my own feelings on this issue to try to find why I was concerned about this armed march in the first place. And it didn’t take long to realize what set off red flags in my mind: It was not the march but the words Kokesh had used to describe his planned civil disobedience event. He talked about “overthrowing the American government” and leading an “armed revolt.”

Then it hit me: I support the act, but I’m alarmed by the rhetoric.

In other words, I fully endorse the idea of thousands of people peacefully marching around the nation’s capitol with rifles slung over their shoulders in a show of solidarity… as long as they keep it non-violent. It is essentially a civil rights march that, a few generations ago, might have been comprised of thousands of black people demanding justice on public buses or cafes. Adam Kokesh is, quite legitimately, planning to pull off a “Rosa Parks” for the Bill of Rights.

But I don’t support talk of “overthrowing the government” with thousands of armed men marching around Washington. Perhaps I’m still a sucker for the system, but I still believe we can restore liberty without violence and without resorting to talk of armed revolts. Maybe I’m totally wrong and my position will change a month from now, but right now I don’t think we’re at the threshold yet where we all need to pick up rifles and march on Washington. After all, we are winning the info war on so many fronts that the corrupt, criminal bureaucracy running our nation today is very close to total implosion over issues like Benghazi, the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups and other issues. We may very well be looking at the beginning of the downfall of both Obama and Hilary Clinton.

So for the record, I endorse the action, but not the rhetoric. And I don’t know Adam Kokesh personally so I can’t endorse him on a personal level. I still believe that saying on live national radio you plan to “overthrow the American government” is foolish. And perhaps Kokesh only said it for effect. I think what he really means, deep down, is that he hopes to wake up the American government to the reality that there are a great number of informed, patriotic Americans who have flat out had enough with the police state, the socialist agenda, the erosion of the Bill of Rights and the staged attacks on lawful, responsible gun owners.

Heroic? You decide…

For having the gumption to turn that long train of abuses into civil rights action, Adam Kokesh is technically promising to carry out an act of sheer heroism. If he pulls it off, it will be far more heroic than the recent professional sports player who came out of the closet and announced he’s gay. Announcing you’re gay isn’t heroic. It’s just a statement of your sexual orientation. But marching around D.C. with a thousand men carrying loaded rifles while police threaten to arrest you all for felony crimes? Now that’s heroic. (And possibly crazy, depending on your point of view.)

What would be even more heroic would be an armed gay parade marching around Washington D.C. wearing thongs and carrying loaded rifles. The liberals would repeatedly bash their heads against the wall trying to figure out what to do with that one. And I would pay good money to have a front row seat just for the sheer bizarreness of the whole thing…

The point in all this is that in retrospect, upon further review, I must publicly say I admire Adam Kokesh’s resolve, but I don’t endorse his rhetoric. I don’t agree with Kokesh on everything (most notably GMO labeling, which he is against), but on this issue I have to admit that he’s right: Sitting at home doing nothing IS more dangerous than marching on Washington in an act of justified civil disobedience. The long-term cost of everybody sitting around while tyranny takes over is unbearable.

I just pray that no bullets fly on July 4th, and I hope that we get thousands of people with video cameras filming every angle of this so that provocateurs can’t pull off attempted false flags on the backs of this march. I still believe this event might be far too easily exploited by the powers that be to paint gun owners are violent lunatics.

But what I really hope, so secretly that I probably shouldn’t say this publicly, is that these thousands of armed protesters arrest D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier and force her to go to a fashion school re-education camp. (See her picture on the right.)

It is widely known that the more illegitimate government authorities become, the more they feel the need to adorn themselves with medals and badges and stars and stripes and whatever else they can scrounge up to sew onto their uniforms. If that relationship holds true, Cathy Lanier has a bizarre fetish for being a third-world dictator, meaning she fits right in with the D.C. culture that Adam Kokesh calls the “District of Criminals.”

March on, liberty lovers. But remember that he who shoots first loses. Hold your fire, or you will lose the public relations war.

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