Recycled Planters for Home Gardening


Every year families are planting more and more fruits, flowers, and vegetables within their gardens at home. However, as more plants are placed in the garden space becomes limited. Fortunately there are several great alternatives for recycled planters for home gardening so that even more fruits, flowers, and vegetables can be placed amongst what has already been placed in the garden.

Cinder Blocks
One of the most common recycled planters for fruits, flowers, or vegetables is cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are extremely sturdy and durable as well as they can be found or purchased in relatively large quantities. Due to their rectangle shape cinder blocks can either be placed around existing flower beds or along a wall stacked on one another to create additional space for all sorts of plants.

Cinder blocks usually have two holes where soil can be placed so that any type of fruit, flower, or vegetable can be planted. However, be sure not to plant anything that may require a larger growing space for roots such as small trees or plants that grow in a stalk-like fashion such as corn. Some of the best plants to plant in cinder blocks are roses, beans, peas, strawberries, various herbs, and tomatoes.

Recycled Pallets
Wooden pallets are extremely sturdy and are specifically designed to be able to withstand hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. This makes them especially great for using as an alternative for recycled planters. Fortunately too recycled pallets can usually be found for free or for relatively cheap.

Simply take each recycled pallet and flip it on its side against a wall or fence so that that the boards lay horizontally in rows from bottom upwards. Between each horizontal board pour soil in between the vertically placed boards. This should be easy to see as the pallets are built in such a way that each vertically placed board should make a natural square shape to hold soil in conjunction with each horizontally placed board. Once complete, plant the chosen fruits, flowers, or vegetables.

Clay Jars
What is even more common than most other recycled planter alternatives is clay jars. Clay jars are cheap, come in a wide variety of sizes, and come in large quantities. If they can’t be found around the home than a great place to look for clay jars are at yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets.

Since clay jars come in such a wide variety of sizes virtually almost any type of fruit, flower, or vegetable can be planted in them. However, it is advisable not to grow any sort of ‘tree’ out of a clay jar. For the most part, depending upon their sturdiness, clay jars can be reused year after year. If one happens to break though they can be easily swept up out of the garden with no worry of causing harm to any other plants.

Plastic Buckets
Plastic buckets are a great alternative that can be gathered in large quantities in order to plant fruits, flower, and vegetables. Plastic buckets are most commonly found in one gallon, three gallon, and five gallon sizes. So the types of plants chosen to be planted in plastic buckets will have to be able to grow within those sizes.

Before planting in a plastic bucket make sure to drill holes so that the water may properly drain through when watered. Plastic buckets are extremely sturdy so enough holes will have to be drilled, this may range between 30 and 50 depending on the size of the bucket. Some fruits, flowers, and vegetables that can be planted in plastic buckets include roses, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas, and cabbage.

Old Cookware
Believe it or not old cookware, such as pots, can in fact be used to plant all sorts of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Especially because old cookware can range in different sizes as well as it is extremely durable. However, be sure to clean off any rust as this will kill any plants that are growing around it.

Old cookware can be found at flea markets and yard sales and can be purchased for a relatively cheap price. Most commonly flowers are planted inside of old cookware for decoration but it is possible to grow small fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, beans, and peas. Be sure to water the plants that are inside of old cookware lightly as there is no proper drainage and overwatering may easily drown the plants.



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