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Trump Brings Jobs to the U.S.

Trump Brings Jobs to the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has already set into motion maneuvers to stabilize the American economy and in turn, has guaranteed job within the United States.  Prior to his inauguration, Donald Trump has been meeting with… 0 Shares |

Your Bug Out Bag Essentials

Your Bug Out Bag Essentials More often than not essential items are overlooked when packing various types of bug out bags.  Your bug out bag essentials will vary based upon gender, naturally, as well as these essentials will vary depending… 0 Shares |

Soap Nuts: Washing Clothes Organically

Soap Nuts: Washing Clothes Organically Technically a berry, soap nuts received their name because of their nut like appearances.  Native to India and Nepal soap nuts have been brought all over the globe and can be commonly found in both… 0 Shares |

Catastrophist Geology

What is Catastrophist Geology What is catastrophist geology?  The understanding that many of Earth’s natural formations took millions of years to develop is quickly becoming outdated, for a lack of better words.  The current accepted belief by accredited geologists as… 0 Shares |

I’m Back from the Future and Hillary is President

I’m back from the future and Hillary is President.  It’s not important how I got back from the future.  The point is that I am here and there is something important I have to share with you.  I lived a… 0 Shares |

Five Tips to Avoid Being Harassed by the Police

Five Tips to Avoid Being Harassed by the Police The country is well aware of the increasing police brutality and statistics that support these claims.  Every individual regardless of race, creed or religion has become scared for their lives during… 0 Shares |

Electric Universe Geology

Electric Universe Geology More and more the science community is beginning to reject the teachings of standard geology and accept the theories behind electric universe geology.  This is because theories belonging to the electric universe geology field are much easier… 0 Shares |

Organic Remedies for Pregnancy Pains and Aches

Organic Remedies for Pregnancy Pain and Aches Pregnancy pain and aches are apparent during every pregnancy.  Although pregnancy pains and aches are different for every woman many of the organic remedies are the same.  Organic remedies for pregnancy pains and… 0 Shares |

How Prepared Are You for an Economic Collapse?

How Prepared Are You for an Economic Collapse? These days almost everyone is talking or is aware of our national debt, ongoing militarization and near brink of an economic crisis.  In fact, throughout history, especially in the 19th and 20th… 0 Shares |

SHTF Toiletry Kits

SHTF Toiletry Kits If you’re into prepping have you already prepared and stored your toiletry kit?  More often than not even some of the most prepared individuals do not give enough attention into their toiletry kits.  It is important to… 0 Shares |