The Origin of the Gemini Constellation


The Origin of the Gemini Constellation
The Gemini constellation is unique constellation of its own as it is the only constellation represented by “The Twins.” However, the question lies. Where did the Gemini twins originate? And how did such a representation, the twins, become to be synonymous with this constellation?

The Ancient Babylonians recognized the Gemini constellation as “The Great Twins” due to their close synchronization. They believed that the constellation of Gemini represented two minor gods named “The One Who has Arisen from the Underworld” and “The King.” The constellation of Gemini was also closely associated with Nergal who was a major Babylonian God of plague and pestilence as well as king of the underworld.

However, the most well known origin story pertaining to the Gemini constellation belongs to that of the Ancient Greeks. Castor and Polydeuces, the Gemini Twins, were both born of the same mother Leda but different fathers. Castor, son of Tyndarus, King of Sparta, was known for his talent at taming horses and was born and lived a mortal while Polydeuces was renowned for his great strength and was born and lived immortal as he was the son of Zeus. The twins were known for their youth, handsomeness, and adventures as they were part of the journeys with Jason and the Argonauts as well as the expedition of Troy as their sister was Helen of Sparta kidnapped by Paris which ignited the Trojan War. The origin story goes: Once Castor’s life was up from old age Polydeuces could go on no longer. So he begged his father Zeus to make Castor immortal. Zeus did and put the pair amongst the stars so that they may always be close to one-another.

Ancient Greek philosophers and historians however, depict the Gemini constellation as Herakles and Apollo, such as Hyginus and Ptolemy, as Herakles and Apollo too were half-brothers. Later the Romans would too adopt the origin story of the Gemini constellation but as Castor and Pollux for the names of the Gemini Twins.

Gemini People and Personality
Gemini people tend to be highly associated with freedom and travel. To a Gemini individual; constant change is necessary. If you know a Gemini or are a Gemini you can be sure that these people are extremely independent and are fearful of boredom.

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