New Study on High Fat Diets; Men Seriously at Risk


I hope that it’s not news to anyone; men and women, are not created equal. Based on my headline, you may think I’m referring to politics or pay, or even relationships. Today I am not taking a political stand. What I’m talking about today is the fundamental biological differences between men and women and how a very important new study shows the harmful effects of a high fat diet on men, and how in places where women are nearly completely immune to harm, men are dropping dead.

For as far back as we can remember, it’s appeared as though men have had the upper hand. Their body’s perceived to be stronger, their muscle mass higher, their stamina more enduring. However, science has officially stepped up to the plate and challenged that.

High-fat Meals, More Harmful to Men than Women?

A recent study has been released by Cedars-Sinai Diabetes and Obesity Research Institution that is pioneering the way we look at diets and how the “one size fits all” could be even more untrue than we’ve ever considered.

The study that was released compared males and females* and their response to a high fat diet. In the study, the male subject’s suffered notable heart damage and what’s potentially more important, inflammation of the brain.

“These findings on how the brains and bodies of males and females respond so differently to nutrients suggests we have to reconsider whether the diets and drugs we recommend for managing obesity may need to be sex-specific to be more effective,” said Richard Bergman, PhD, director of the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute.

Looking more closely at the subjects; it appeared almost as though the females had some sort of chemical protection against the toxic effects the high-fat diets had on their male counterparts. They remained virtually uneffected.

* This study, as most began, was done on mice. They were fed what would be the equivilant of a human diet of hamburgers and soda’s and monitored closely for response.

Harmful Effects of High Fat Diets Pose?

It’s safe to assume that if men’s hearts and brains are effected much more than women, that the other risks of high-fat diets are also more prominent in males. High fat diet’s have risks to the body overall of course, but they can also deteriorate your quality of life.

  • Constipation: High fat diets typically limit your whole-grain and fruit / veggie style fibers which keeps your gut from processing things out regularly.
  • Metabolism Slow-Down:Particularly concerning as you age and if you’re trying to lose weight, having your metabolism slow effects everything from your energy to your body type.
  • Heart Damage: Particularly in diet’s rich in red meat’s (like the paleo diet) and dark meat poultry, heart disease is a leading cause of death in America and something that should absolutely not be taken lightly.

That said, women are clearly not immune to the harmful effects of a high fat diet; but we are seemingly less quick to develop the issues that our male counterparts are facing more immediately.

Amanda Little
I'm Amanda and I'm a 22 year old mother who's been diagnosed with PCOS. I'm passionate about health and wellness and aim to make a difference however I can. I also blog over at my site, HealthyHerLiving.