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Every bad emotion in the human body can cause a variety of disorders of organs and many types of diseases. Of men thinking, fear, tension, worry, all that remains deeply etched in the human mind and body, which is usually the initiator of many diseases.

Between emotion the body there is a strong connection. This is confirmed by the Chinese psychology, which is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. There are five organ systems, belonging to certain types of emotions.

No matter how much a man thought to have some little things negligible, they will be for years to settle somewhere in the bodies and manifest in the form of some tough better. Therefore, it is necessary to time more seriously their emotions and as much as possible to help ourselves to the weight of the situation as soon overcome.

Feelings That Influence Health

Crowding – is one of the emotions that have large effects on the human organism. It defines as a result of excessive concern for certain reasons. Teskoba most affects the intestines and lungs. Crowding will take away a man large portion of energy he has, and thus can lead to shortness of breath, as well as inflammation in the intestines and ulcers.

Joy – This is a nice feeling, most would have thought so, but generally too creates a sense of satisfaction that directly affects the heart. Joy can be very much to excite a man and caused much excitement can be felt some negative vibrations that cause insomnia, fever, and anxiety, as well as very strong palpitations. So no matter how much joy was beautiful and with her man should be cautious.

Sadness – is also a feeling that a lot of influence on the psyche and human health. Sadness besides suggesting tears to my eyes, it negatively affects the work of the lungs and is detrimental to the circulation. Many respiratory diseases and damaged lungs just cause a feeling of sadness. Sadness has a profound effect on the human psyche, causing depression.

Fear – The feeling that every man felt at some point in their lives. This feeling can damage kidney function, as evidenced by the fact that when there is a huge fear can lead to the uncontrolled release of urine. A person experiencing extreme fear can be a great deal with the shock of the kidneys. The kidneys of fear knots in seconds and then comes to a halt in cleaning and filtering blood. Then disrupt circulation in the body and therefore often during fear the hands and feet are a cold man.

Anger – Insults, criticism, criticism, anger, anxiety, all this is what provokes anger in a man. Gall bladder and liver will suffer the most in a person who is angry for certain reasons. Also, anger is a feeling that can affect various biological processes to the man cause a big headache and lack of energy. Anger also can cause the human body to dizziness and high blood pressure.

Shock – a feeling that certainly has a negative impact on the human organization, when his overall health is concerned. When something happens unexpectedly sudden appearance of shock and panic, which will greatly influence the hearts of men, as well as kidney function, especially when it comes to longer shock.

Ambition – This feeling often borders on greed. People who are too ambitious, and therefore the successful and wealthy tend to have problems with heart disease and diseases of the small intestine. Every day thinking about higher goals and increasing their wealth leads to arrhythmia and irregular heartbeat. You do not have to live in fear and thinking about how to increase wealth, but little left to the charms of what we have already gained to the body is relaxed and therefore any healthier.

Nervousness – is something with which most people encounter every day. Nowadays it very difficult to avoid. Science has shown that people who are prone to frequent attacks of anxiety and anger often have liver problems. Also, excessive anger and anxiety affect kidney function and lungs.

I do not care – the feeling that directly affects human digestion, spleen, stomach, and pancreas. When a person worries too much for any reason she can appear painful cramps. Digestive organs are in constant spasm in people more worried and therefore can not perform their normal functions. Then processed food in the intestines comes undercooked food and then it becomes a very suitable substrate for pathogenic organisms and their wastes directly poison the human body.

How to Stay Positive

To the man freed of bad emotions and stress the need to start working on it. To begin with more physical activity and avoiding people who create tension enough to help. Experts say that a man is a much better feeling when your emotions are expressed, and does not keep to himself. If a person believes that currently experiencing a deep pain, it is necessary to divide it with someone, confide in a friend or seek the help of a psychiatrist.

Yoga is an excellent method if a person decides to remain positive in a sea of problems today. It pays special attention to breathing and razlličitim breathing techniques that really positive plug on human health.

Forgiveness is also a great way to release negative emotions in men. When anger and rage present forgiveness will do good in itself, but at this point, it is necessary to think of yourself. The natural person does not have to be sorry after the title of a friend, but that forgiveness serves to liberate man and felt better.

Physical activity will help a person stay positive. Whether it’s about running in the park, hitting the bag or another exercise is one of the best ways to release stress in men. In the example of aerobic exercise releases endorphins and is just, for this reason, it is necessary, and this exercise is often practiced in order to feel better and better mood. The saying “Healthy body, healthy mind”, is completely justified, because of the link between mental and physical condition unbreakable.

A walk in the fresh air very well will impact the many negative feelings that people carry inside. Ten minutes to half an hour walks a day several times will positively affect the overall health of a person, because in this way calms nerves, breathing fresh air and relax tense muscles already. Also, in addition, to being a beautiful feeling, walking is a great impact on maintaining lean lines and the blood vessels.

Positive in the human body will bring safe and vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B and folic acid.

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