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I'm 36 years old and blogging is my second job who is more than a hobby. As a young blogger who gets inspiration from everyday health problems and lack of healthy food fight for a better future for our Children. In a search for a better life encounter the greatest evils of today - Disease.

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Health – Stay Positive!

Every bad emotion in the human body can cause a variety of disorders of organs and many types of diseases. Of men thinking, fear, tension, worry, all that remains deeply etched in the human mind and body, which is usually… 0 Shares |

Dr. Sebi – a Man Who Naturally Cured The Most Serious Diseases

Dr. Sebi – a man who has naturally cured the most serious diseases. The last 28 years Dr. Sebi has successfully treat diseases that Western medicine is considered incurable. The real name Alfred Bowman, Dr. Himself a self-taught African doctor… 0 Shares |

Read This Before You Get In Contact With Someone Sick From Gonorrhea

In the world, there are some very dangerous diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases include gonorrhea, which represents a particular threat to human health because it can cause not only chronic inflammation of appendages but also cause infertility. In this… 0 Shares |

Discrimination And Weight: The Social Effects Of Obesity

There’s no denying that obesity, an issue that afflicts about 36% of Americans, can cause serious health problems. A larger body does not, however, always mean that a person is unhealthy, and misconceptions about obesity can lead to social and… 0 Shares |

Did You Know About These Powerful Alternative Medications For Anxiety

Benefits of Alternative Medication For Anxiety Describing anxiety to someone is relatively difficult because this is both an emotional state and feeling that affects a person deep down inside. While anxiety is something everyone experiences at some stage of life… 0 Shares |

Headache Cures – Things Everyone Should Know

Headaches are something that everyone experiences. For some, a headache is only an occasional occurrence while for someone else this type of pain is experienced on a daily basis. In addition to differences in frequency, there are varying durations, causes,… 0 Shares |

5 Tips And Tricks How To Improve Your Memory

The capacity of human memory is amazing. At the extreme end of the spectrum, participants in memory competitions recite entire phone books, plays, or random lists of numbers. For most people, though, remembering the grocery list is a big enough… 0 Shares |

The Most Effective Anti-Depression Natural Remedies

Depression, no matters the cause, level of severity, of the length of time a person has suffered should be taken seriously. Feeling down and blue is something everyone experiences at some point in life but when this feeling becomes overwhelming… 0 Shares |

Alternative Treatments For Acne That Work

Most prescription and over-the-counter medications and alternative treatment for acne have one major downfall in that they leave a person’s skin red, dry, and unsightly for weeks, if not months. While this is all part of the “healing” process, it… 0 Shares |

The Most Effective Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, more often referred to simply as high blood pressure, affects approximately 35% of adults living in America. While many people develop symptoms, making it possible to get the necessary medical attention, unfortunately, about 10% of those people live with… 0 Shares |