Natural Back Pain Relief and Repair


People young and old need back pain relief occasionally. Some — even the very young — need it all the time. This is a new development. Why is this happening?

Very little of the chronic back pain we see is caused by genetics. Some may be the result of poor prenatal nutrition and much of it is caused by poorly formulated baby formula. No brand on the market contains all 90 of the essential nutrients our body, young or old, requires every day.

It is shocking at what young ages people are finding their spine, hips, and other joints giving out on them. Dr. Joel Wallach says it’s because you can’t build a healthy human when you’re feeding it Pop-Tarts and Sunny Delight. No baby formula on the U.S. market contains anything close to what mother’s milk does as far as nutrients needed for a growing child.

Most medical doctors get maybe one lecture on human nutrition in all their years of medical school. They are in no position to give nutritional advice to the rest of us. (Nevertheless, they do, often in shorthand form — “Eat a healthy diet,” — leaving a lot to the imagination of the patient, who is then at the mercy of advertisers who proclaim their foods to be part of a healthy, balanced diet.)

When you blow out your back by lifting something too heavy the wrong way, or getting tackled by somebody big, or you fall out of a tree as I’ve done, the sales pitches for surgery begin. I have resisted them and now, I have found a couple of better, non-invasive solutions for providing chronic back pain relief.

Back Pain Relief Comes in Two Forms — Short-Term Pain Relief and Long-Term Bone & Joint Repair

The first one comes in the form of a naturally-occurring herb, which reduces pain and inflammation dramatically. This herb is called kratom and is strong enough that many people have replaced oxycodone, hydrocodone, and all the Non-Steroidal-Anti-Inflammatory-Drugs (NSAIDS) with it.

Kratom relieves pain with few side-effects, aside from a gentle energy and a feeling of well-being.

For long-term relief, we only need to remember that our body built itself from a single cell. It knows how to maintain and even repair itself, if it is given the raw materials it needs, in sufficient quantities. This is where an invisible problem arises.

Our soils are depleted of the minerals they used to contain. Even if we eat a well-balanced healthy diet, it is impossible to get all the nutrients we must have daily to support healthy bones and joints.

“Our Body Is a Self-Healing Organism, When It Is Provided With Adequate Nutritional Raw Materials and Is Protected from Environmental Chemicals that Interfere with the Repair and Maintenance of Healthy Bone” — Joel Wallach, DVM, ND


When we look at the general health and longevity of people living in primitive conditions, before “civilization” brought processed foods grown with a few chemicals as opposed to natural compost, manure, and wood ashes, they were much healthier than we are now. It seems the more medical treatments we have forced upon us, the more fragile we become.

Our sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help. Weight-bearing exercise is necessary for the maintenance of strong bones, too.

At the same time, our use of high-speed transportation exposes us to much more catastrophic dangers than our primitive ancestors faced. Reassembling the human skeletal frame after one survives an auto crash or motorcycle wreck is where modern surgery shines.

However, we shouldn’t neglect to add scientifically formulated bone growth supporting supplements in order to assist our body in the healing process.

We receive our knowledge of what is supposedly “good for us” largely from advertisements designed by the manufacturers of these “food-like substances”. Many medical doctors are complicit in this by telling us to substitute margarine and vegetable oils for animal fats, skim milk for fresh raw whole-fat milk and cheese, and “Eggos” for real eggs.

On top of it all, doctors encourage us to maybe take a one-a-day vitamin, which cannot contain enough of the comprehensive list of ingredients we need. Most supplements are just a product to be sold by telling us what we want to hear. They are not designed to produce results.

I have put many supplement programs to the test. Many failed outright, some were only sufficient for maintenance, but not major repair of bone and tendon damage. (Detached tendons cannot be repaired, without surgery, by the way.)

Detriments to Bone Health & Repair:

Gluten (contained in wheat barley, rye, and oats) is a big problem for most of us, preventing us from assimilating the few minerals and other nutrients that are in our food.

Another of the common ingredients that we get in our food, toothpaste, baby formula, and water that are detrimental to bone health (and many other aspects of health) is Fluoride

Milk, ironically, has been found to be a poor source of calcium in building and maintaining strong bones.

Several of the best sources of calcium are plant foods that we don’t eat often enough: Beans, Leafy Greens, and Nuts are excellent sources, but we also need co-factors in order to produce healthy new bone mass. Other nutrients such as Vitamin D, Selenium, Magnesium, Strontium, and Boron are necessary, but appear in insufficient amounts in most popular foods .

If a mineral isn’t in our agricultural soils, it isn’t in our vegetables — and if it’s not in our food and properly absorbed, our body can’t make enough new bone to replace old, brittle bone.

A hit-or-miss habit of buying the “bone health supplement of the month” gets expensive and doesn’t produce the results that a complete bio-available formula, correctly balanced and dosed based on body weight will deliver.

Medications that may cause bone loss:

Ironically, Drugs prescribed for Osteoporosis of the bisphosphonate type, have some nasty side-effects, such as bone-death ( ONJ: osteonecrosis of the jaw) and extreme bone brittleness, sometimes resulting in spontaneous breaks of major bones.

High quality daily supplementation is the answer to the question of long-term bone/cartilage/tendon repair.


Author Paul Kemp has been on a quest for the answers to better health since the age of ten, when he began losing grandparents and other family members to diseases caused by common dietary and personal habit choices.

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Paul Kemp
I am a writer with a passion for freedom within a libertarian philosophy. I claim my rights and I accept personal responsibility for the consequences. I have watched the same mistakes being made time after time in our country and I hope to point these errors out and hopefully help to change a few of them. We have, as a society, turned too much control over our lives and diet to self-proclaimed experts, who have an agenda that is not in our best interest. To regain our health and freedom, we need to give these "experts" the boot and become knowledgeable about the crucial details of our own lives.