Multivitamin breakthrough delivers nutrients from food, not isolated chemicals; many multivitamins now obsolete


(NaturalNews) It’s one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of nutrition: Those “conventional” multivitamins sold at grocery stores, pharmacies and big-box stores are filled with synthetic chemicals that are fraudulently called “vitamins.” Ascorbic acid, pyridoxine (B6), niacin (B3), magnesium oxide and dozens more… these are all synthetic, isolated or inorganic forms of vitamins and minerals that in some cases may actually cause more harm than good to your body.

It’s the greatest con in food history… the selling of synthetic, isolated chemicals and ground-up rocks as “food.” When you take a typical multivitamin made with calcium carbonate, iron sulfate and magnesium oxide, you are eating rocks, not minerals. And when you take a multivitamin made with “standardized” isolated vitamins, you are eating chemicals, not real nutrition.

(The same is true with “fortified” breakfast cereals and “vitamin” drinks, nearly all of which are fortified with iron shavings and cheap, synthetic vitamins.)

There is a better way to get real nutrition from multivitamins. It’s called “food-based” nutrition, and it means that all the vitamins and minerals in the supplement come from genuine food-based sources.

Most multivitamins are nothing but chemicals and rocks

For the past two years, I have extensively studied the biochemistry of nutritional supplements, including the so-called “speciation” of certain minerals and metals such as chromium, arsenic and mercury. I’ve also come to see as crucial the difference between inorganic vs. organic elements in vitamins. This does not refer to USDA certified organic status; this refers to the molecular composition of the element in question. “Inorganic” metals such as iron, magnesium, aluminum, zinc and so on, come from rocks, not living things. “Organic” metals, on the other hand, are elements that exist in complex molecules that always contain Carbon atoms and often contain Hydrogen as well. These are “bioavailable” nutrients that have been converted by living things into usable nutrition that your body inherently recognizes.

So remember this: Iron is not iron. What I mean is that some iron is added to supplements by grinding up iron mined right out of the ground. You don’t want to eat that. The usable, bioavailable iron is iron that has been converted by living things into “organic” iron (i.e. transformed by living things into complex molecules containing Carbon).

In all this research, what I’ve found is that most vitamin pills are a complete hoax. They are filled with absolute junk chemicals and ground up rocks, all held together with questionable fillers, excipients and even chemical “glues” that prevent the tablets from physically falling apart. When an uninformed consumer goes out and buys a multivitamin, what they are really buying is chemicals and rocks.

Why food-based vitamins and minerals are so much better

Clearly, human beings were designed to eat foods, not rocks. Nutrients are supposed to come from living things, not dead, inanimate objects. This should be common sense, but the entire conventional vitamin industry — which is largely owned by Big Pharma, by the way — has convinced people they should be eating chemicals and rocks.

There is a better solution to all this. It’s called “MegaFood.”

MegaFood is a brand of nutritional supplements that are made almost entirely from actual food. Every nutrient in the bottle is derived entirely from living systems, either microbial flora or plants. They have a full line of supplements for specific health concerns, including thyroid, blood builders, bone builders, and multivitamins for men and women over 40. Natural News now proudly carried MegaFood products in our online store, and this is what I’m taking and recommending to everyone I know.

It’s crucial to understand the difference between MegaFood and traditional multivitamins. MegaFood nutrients are full-spectrum nutrients. Vitamin C, for example, is actually much more than the isolated chemical known as ascorbic acid. In nature, vitamin C exists as a full symphony of related compounds. This is what the body needs for nutrition, and that’s what MegaFood delivers.

Nearly all the plants used in MegaFood formulas are certified organic, and their entire product line is tested to be completely free of pesticides and herbicides. In fact, I grilled MegaFood on whether they had any harmful excipients and fillers, and it turns out their products are incredibly clean, conscientious, and truly revolutionary in terms of delivering bioavailable nutrients to the body.

MegaFood is real food. And that means it’s digestible. While a lot of people have problems with traditional vitamin pills and multivitamin tablets, MegaFood is easy to digest and easy to assimilate because, again, it’s real food not “chemicals and rocks.”

Click here to see the MegaFood product line at the Natural News Store. Shipping is free on all orders over $99 (48 states only).

Why the FDA and Big Pharma don’t want you to know any of this

According to the FDA, calcium is calcium is calcium. In their minds, there’s no difference between calcium from rocks and calcium from broccoli. But chemically, in terms of real molecular biology, there is a HUGE difference. Your body wants nutrition from food, not rocks.

How do you know this is true? Because even starving people don’t eat rocks. People will die from starvation before they try to eat rocks. That’s because rocks are not food. This point should be obvious to anyone. So why do vitamin companies put ground-up rocks in their formulas?

Big Pharma, of course, doesn’t want you to know anything about real nutrition. They want you to keep taking their fake, synthetic chemical vitamins so that you get even more sick and require their high-priced prescription drugs to “manage” your disease symptoms. What better way to keep you sick than take over the vitamin industry (which they have largely done) and sell people a bunch of chemicals and rocks that keep everybody sick and malnourished? Pure (evil) genius.

Truth be told, there are all sorts of vested interests in the industry who don’t want you to have access to real food-based nutrition. Medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and even the entire cancer industry all want to make sure as many people as possible stay sick. They’re all future customers, after all, and if the people discover they can prevent disease through intelligent nutrition, the “sick care” industry will lose out on billions of dollars in revenues. (Your health is their loss, in other words.)

Switch to MegaFood starting right now

The number of multivitamin companies using food-based nutrients is ridiculously small. In fact, I can only think of two: MegaFood and Pure Synergy. There may be others I’m not aware of, but in any case it’s a frighteningly small number.

If you are currently taking multivitamins that are not from real food-based sources, you need to switch to food-based nutrients immediately. On that topic, I want to be 100% on the record here, saying that your No. 1 best source of nutrition is live, fresh foods and superfoods. No vitamin, no matter how amazing, can replace real, fresh foods and superfoods you grown in your own garden or aquaponic system.

But for a long list of reasons, most people can’t get the nutrition they need from the foods they buy. One huge reason for all this is that soils are depleted of minerals like selenium, one of the most important trace minerals to support healthy brain function, immune response and normal cell functions. So even if you’re buying fresh food, it’s almost certainly depleted of magnesium, zinc, selenium and other trace elements you need in food form.

People today are also in a hurry. They want real nutrition in a convenient, portable, storable format. It’s hard to beat MegaFood in this category. MegaFood is shelf stable, packed in glass bottles (not plastic), extremely easy to take, and it can be used to enhance any regular meal you might be eating. For example, if you’re eating a salad for lunch and you realize, “Hey, this salad is depleted of nearly all nutrients, grown in nutrient-depleted soils,” you can just take a MegaFood multivitamin with your salad, and now you’ve got a real nutrition for lunch.

MegaFood is 100% no GMO, no soy, no gluten, no dairy, no pesticides and tested free from common allergens

On top of everything mentioned above, MegaFood is completely free of GMO, soy, pesticides, gluten, dairy and common allergens.

In addition, the entire MegaFood line is ridiculously “clean” in terms of low levels of toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. As you may know, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on laboratory testing of superfoods and raw materials over the past few months, and I’ve seen a large number of test results come back with alarmingly high numbers. I’ve seen arsenic at over 400ppm. I’ve seen cadmium at over 8ppm (toxic!). I’ve seen lead at 16ppm in some foods.

I have personally rejected a huge number of products and raw materials from our store because they had high levels of metals. So as part of my research into MegaFood, we looked into their heavy metals levels and we found them to be incredibly clean. The MegaFood standards are:

Arsenic less than 1 ppm
Cadmium less than 0.2 ppm
Mercury less than 0.5 ppm
Lead less than 1.0 ppm

And the actual test results were much lower than these limits! In the world of foods and superfoods, this is ridiculously clean. So it meets my standards, because I won’t endorse anything that contains high levels of metal contaminants.

In addition, MegaFood was tested for pesticide residues, and the results were phenomenal: On all the categories tested — organochlorine, organophosphorous, organonitrogen and pyrethroids — the results were lower than Prop 65 requirements, which are the strictest requirements in the world.

MegaFood also passes all the tests on allergenicity for gluten, dairy and soy. It passes all the tests on e.coli, yeast, mold, salmonella and coliform, making it one of the cleanest and most high-quality nutrient sources available anywhere today.

Now you see why I call MegaFood a “breakthrough” in food-based nutrition. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill chemical multivitamin. MegaFood supplements are essentially food concentrates that just happen to resemble the physical shape and size of a multivitamin. Click here to get some now from the Natural News store.

MegaFood formulas we carry

At the Natural News Store, we work tirelessly to bring you the most potent, cleanest and high-integrity sources of foods and superfoods from around the world. Our shopping cart is small because we have ridiculously high standards on what we carry.

To launch MegaFood in our store, I have personally selected a dozen or so top formulas that I believe are most needed by Natural News readers. Most of these are available right now, ready to ship at the best discounts we are allowed to offer. In time, we intend to expand this line to include even more of the MegaFood product line, possibly even the entire line.

Here’s what we have right now, along with my personal notes on each one. You can find them all at:

Thyroid Strength – Quite possibly the best thyroid support formula on the planet. Made with food-state iodine and selenium, with L-tyrosine, sacred basil leaf and more. Naturally contains all-important iodine in a food-based format. The selenium is also a hugely important trace mineral.

Selenium – Simply put, this is the source of selenium you need to be taking. This single product has had a huge impact on my life and productivity. As you know, selenium supports healthy brain function as well as providing other enormous benefits for healthy cell function. Research this online and you’ll see why selenium is one of the most underrated trace minerals missing from everyone’s diet.

Blood Builder – Super popular formula based on beetroot and food-state vitamin C, vitamin B-12, iron and folate. Especially useful formula for women to replenish blood strength. Rave reviews from current users.

Women’s One Daily – An amazing, full-spectrum concentrate of real food nutrients, covering everything from vitamins and minerals to plant extracts and phytonutrients that support women’s health.

Men Over 40 One Daily – Same as the women’s formula but nutritionally tuned to the needs of men over 40. Extremely potent. It’s amazing they can fit all this into the vitamin format. Take this and see how much different you feel in just 30 days.

MegaZymes – A full spectrum of vegetarian enzymes to support healthy digestion. Blended in a base of ginger root, astragalus root and marshmallow root which also helps support healthy kidney function. Amazing benefits for digestion!

Balance Minerals – Possibly the best mineral supplement in a multivitamin format. All minerals are food-based concentrates from living systems. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium and other trace elements all in one, ready to be absorbed and assimilated by your biology.

Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium – The three most important minerals all from food sources, blended with a base of organic nettle leaf, dandelion root and parsley leaf. Stop eating rocks and starting taking real nutrition!

See more MegaFood products at the Natural News Store:

Note: We are immediately increasing our MegaFood line and expect more products to arrive next week. MegaFood is a small company and they make these nutrients “artisan-style,” in small batches. They are not a mega-sized company that cranks out chemical vitamins on a factory floor. These food-based nutrients take time to manufacture, and we expect to be in short supply for many months, but we’ll do our best to keep them coming our way. Subscribe to my email newsletter (below) to be alerted when we expand our MegaFood line and have more products in stock.

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