How Much Coffee is Too Much?


Coffee is full of antioxidants that can reduce melanoma by 20 percent, according to Oxford Academic, Journal of the National Cancer Institute. So, coffee has more health benefits than just filling us with energy and making us feel alert and awake. However, we are all aware that too much caffeine can be dangerous for your health. Well, there are many foods as energizing as coffee, to be honest.

Nevertheless, coffee lovers always wonder how caffeine can also have a bad impact on your upset stomach, make you feel anxious and shaky and can also impair your sleep. Learn how you can reap all the beneficial feats coffee has to offer without exposing your health to risk. So, if you look for experts’ opinion, they will tell you how much coffee is too much and what’s the perfect daily dose.

One to Three Cups a Day

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking one to three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. However, according to research, people who had less than one or more than three cups a day, did not have a higher risk of hypertension. Women who had two cups of coffee a day have a decreased risk of heart failure by 11 % than those who had less than two.

The study also finds that people who have genetic predispositions to metabolize caffeine slowly, two to three cups can raise the risk of heart attack by 36%. In addition, the good news with this golden dosage of caffeine is that drinking two to three cups after learning some new info can easily help you remember the information better.

Three to Five Cups a Day

According to research, drinking three to four cups a day can lower the risk of getting diabetes by 25% in comparison to those who drink one. However, if you are already diagnosed with diabetes, consuming four or five cups a day can increase your blood sugar by 8%. Those who don’t suffer from diabetes, five cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease by 20%. In addition, this dose lowers the risk by almost 50% of developing a oral cancer. Additionally, this dosage of caffeine could impair IVF success by almost 50%.

Six Cups a Day

For many, six cups of coffee a day sounds more than your body can handle. However, females who enjoy this dose are at 15% lower chance of death. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, decaffeinated cup counts, too. There are many people who can’t stand more than 5 cups of regular coffee and the good news is that decaf is found that has equal effects, too.

Rob van Dam, Ph.D. professor in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health says that, overall, the risk of death or developing some disease in people who consume a great amount of coffee, is much higher than the non-consumers. Therefore, the balanced amount is three to five cups. Pregnant women should be cautious since caffeine can harm fatal growth. People who don’t like the coffee flavor or, those whom it keeps them up all night should consider replacing it with other drinks such as water or herbal tea.

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