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How Much Coffee is Too Much?

Coffee is full of antioxidants that can reduce melanoma by 20 percent, according to Oxford Academic, Journal of the National Cancer Institute. So, coffee has more health benefits than just filling us with energy and making us feel alert and… 0 Shares |

How To Train Your Brain To Stop Worrying

Worrying too is a bad habit that should and could be unlearned. The sad part about it is that people usually worry about things that are never going to happen. They usually worry about unimportant things.  Worrying occupies human brain,… 0 Shares |

The Unexpected Mental And Physical Benefits Of Being Lazy

Your mother probably often told you that being lazy is a awful, right? Not doing enough, not being physically active enough, not having any initiative, and so on and so forth, is the worst thing ever. Off course, there are… 0 Shares |