Millennial Sleep Deprivation: Where there is Smoke, there is Fire


Unlike today, back in the 50s, smoking was glamorized, with famous actors flamboyantly appearing on the big screen with a cigarette in the corner of their mouth. They were surrounded by both smoke and hype, but over time, people started turning their backs on this unhealthy practice. Alas, younger generations endorse a wide array of other harmful behavioral patterns. Today, a fast-paced lifestyle with a lot of social activities and scarce sleep seems to be the new black. So, it is small wonder that Monday morning is one of the most dreaded moments in the life of millennials.

Millennium bug

Their parents used to smoke like chimneys, but millennials have their fair share of problems that impact their wellbeing. Most notably, sleep deprivation is the great plague of this population group, one which prevents them from reaching their full potential. Pay no heed to those trying to justify their bad habits and nurture delusions of being more productive when feeling tired. There is no going around the fact that lack of sleep is a problem which has a profound negative effect on your daily life and health.

When you are weary and down in the doldrums, you cannot be at your best. In fact, you struggle to process simple information, maintain your concentration, and are more prone to anger outbursts and mood swings. With impaired attention and inhibitory control, you cannot hope to nail daily tasks, can you? And that is just the tip of the iceberg, because sleeping problems bring about both depression and raise stress levels. What is more, research has shown that it facilitates drug use and increases cigarette consumption in smokers.

Give it a rest

On the other hand, with plenty of rest, you turn into a bundle of energy and face each new day with a wide smile. Yes, even when sleep deprived you may manage to get things done, but is that really the point? Scientific studies have confirmed that sleep is a powerful performance enhancer, that it affects our happiness, boosts creativity, and safeguards our health. So, it is clear that deprivation in the sleeping department can seriously affect your work performance, social life, self-esteem, grades and school, and mental health.

Of course, many millennials undermine sleep unwillingly, with a wide range of bad habits or by worrying about day-to-day troubles. Well, there are many ways to prevent these things from spilling over to your bedroom. First off, the time we go to bed is of the utmost importance for good sleeping habits. Adjusting it for an hour or two usually does the trick and elevates your energy levels. Sometimes, there are other objective hurdles present. This is the case, for example, with health issues that inhibit your good sleeping habits.

Well, this no longer has to pose a problem: purchase a humidifier in order to do away with humidity, a climate in which respiratory infections and allergies thrive. Moreover, there are many stunning solutions that aid in getting a good night’s sleep. My personal favorites are sleeping masks that feature LED lights on the inside. Namely, when the silent alarm kicks in, they gradually increase light intensity and ensure you do not wake too suddenly.

At last, although millennials seem to be born with a gadget in hand, they should consider declaring the bedroom off limits to electronic devices. When you need to melt your stress away, the last thing you need is an avalanche of text messages, emails, alerts, and social notifications. They only push you away from the dreamland, back into the distracting reality. Instead, come up with your own personal, relaxing ritual before going to sleep, and go to bed feeling satisfied. A hot bath with candles or a chapter of a favorite book can do miracles for setting the right sleeping tone.

Rise and shine

If you crave the feeling of waking up fully recharged, bear in mind that adjusting your lifestyle and turning to healthy habits makes all the difference. This is also a matter of education and bringing the negative effects of sleep deprivation to light. Just as people have tarnished the reputation of smokers back in the olden days, today we must raise awareness about proper sleeping habits. If you do not want to go up in smoke, you’d better get your sleeping hours in order. Drift away to dreamland on a tide of positive emotions and return from there rejuvenated and ready to take on any life challenge.

Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. You can read more of her posts at