How to Lose Weight Naturally


Everybody desires a healthy and fit body but it seems next to impossible in this fast paced life where there is constant work pressure and tight schedules which lead to untimed and unhealthy eating habits. This lifestyle adds lot of pounds to your weight which causes many health complications like heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity and even diabetes. If you are able to manage your weight then you can easily achieve a healthy body.

Here we will discuss some tips to lose weight naturally.

Make up your mind

Everything starts with a thought and therefore you must prepare yourself mentally to live a healthy lifestyle. As soon as you will convince your body for a healthy living, you will start opting for healthier options over the unhealthy ones. It can be slow and uncomfortable to adapt a healthy lifestyle initially but with constant practice it will become part of your daily life.

Assess yourself

Writing down your food habits and activities on a daily basis helps a lot about knowing yourself. You can write down your eating habits and activities for a week or two and see the trend that when you have eaten more or did less physical activity. This technique will give you better insight about your lifestyle and you can come with a better and healthy meal plan based on your needs.

Design your meal plan

You know your dietary needs very well and therefore you can design your diet plan either with the help of internet or a professional nutritionist. You can restock your refrigerators with the healthier items. You must understand that withdrawing yourself from your daily food can be shocking to your body and you may experience cravings for those items therefore you should not give them up all of a sudden.

Increase your protein intake

Our body uses carbohydrate as primary source of energy and then comes fats and proteins. You should include complex carbohydrates and proteins which can keep you full for longer time.

Drink more water

Water keeps you hydrated and reduces false hunger pangs means you will crave less and eat less. You should drink 3-4 liters or 8-13 glasses of water per day and avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible.

Try to exercise

Although, it may not be possible to take out time for gym but you can start light and easy exercises to increase physical activity in your life. Try to walk as much as possible e.g. take a morning walk, travelling by foot to fetch groceries or other things. Increase in physical activity will improve your metabolism and you can burn more calories

Get enough sleep

Proper rest is very important to relieve mental and physical stress from the body. You should take at least 8 hours sleep to refresh your body and mind. Try to go to bed early and avoid any gadgets which emit light as it can interfere with the production of sleep inducing hormone.

Track your progress

Take your measurements when you start healthy practices and note down your progress on weekly or monthly basis. This will motivate you and you can set new achievable goals for yourself as you get used to this new lifestyle.

Have patience

Natural processes are always slow therefore having patience is the key to success. Don’t expect a sudden weight loss after practicing healthy eating and exercises for a month. Make healthy eating and living part of your life and you will feel the difference by yourself. Don’t restrict your goals to losing weight; try to achieve an overall well being of your body which includes a calm mind and fit body.

samar pahwa
Samar Pahwa is a co-founder of Blogging Studio | Chief Blogger of Find Health Tips; Health Keeda and passionate digital marketer, and SEO consultant and aspirant programmer.