Living Water, or Water of Life


Is there something to the rumors that water is the universal memory storage device of life? Is there a difference between a “living” and “dead” water?  Can water be structured?

Apparently there is. We just have not been looking in the right places, or at least not in the right way.

Gerald Pollack has recently been interviewed by Dr. Mercola, and confirms that there is ample evidence that water in its living state is different from the ordinary H2O. He calls it the Fourth Phase of Water, and published a book about it.

The concept of water that can return a dead person to life has been passed on from generation to generation in oral traditions in many cultures. Aqua Vite, Zhivaya Voda – just a few drops, and life returns. Who knows if the Holy Water tradition does not have something much deeper in it than we are told.

Natural healers who work with subtle energy, especially those who work with crystals, have been aware of the power of sunlight, its ability to clear stale or stagnant energy of crystals, and activate, or revive them to be again able to affect all living tissue in a predictable manner.

Water properties have been studied for generations, with various levels of success. The “serious” scientists of modern days insist that the notion of water having memory or that there is anything to healing properties of water is “preposterous”. But just because someone says that they don’t believe in homeopathics does not mean that thousands of others can’t be healed by them.

It appears that there are specific vibrational frequencies, in UV (at 270 nm), in visible light (at 660 nm), and in infra-red (at 808 nm) that are associated with healing effects. Gerald Pollack says:

“The kind of testing that we often do is to put [water] in a spectrometer. It’s called the UV-visible spectrometer. It measures light absorption at different wavelengths. We found during our studies that it absorbs light. It happens in UV region of 270 nanometers, just shy of a visible range. The more it absorbs the 270 nanometer light, the more it contains EZ water. Another laboratory took some of the famous healing waters from the Ganges and from Lourdes in France, brought it back to their laboratory, tested it, and showed it at a meeting, a scientific meeting on water. They weren’t particularly concerned about the 270-nanometer absorption. They didn’t know what to look for, they just showed various slides. Each and every one of those healing waters contained this 270-nanometer absorption band.”

Using simple life-force irradiated prills (ceramic blobs) made from magnesium oxide, enhanced with selected silicates, we are able to change several measurable properties of water. We change water’s surface tension, acidity, chemical reactivity (ORP) and cluster size, by having the treated water in contact with the simple ceramic devices we make. The effects of using the treated water are obvious: plants grow bigger, pets prefer it, farm animals become more resilient to weather extremes, sick people become healthy, and healthy people become more alive.

The evidence of water anomalies has been researched and documented by Martin Chaplin, who published a very good education page about water’s properties. Here is a full list of water anomalies.

Water is a very unique substance – it possesses several anomalies without which life on our planet would not be possible. One of them is water’s highest density at 4 degrees C, which supports life in cold waters, also made possible by the fact that ice floats (because water expands when it freezes). Less well explained are water’s dynamic liquid crystals, that allow water to act as a memory device. Imagine: water is nature’s memory stick!

When we speak about structured or energized water, we mean water that has had its structures cleared. It is much like formatting a hard disk – previous data is erased, and the memory device is ready to store new information.

We use implosion, not explosion to clear the water memory. We are not adding more and more energy in. We are removing distortions, until the fluid is completely cleared. I believe this also takes place in plants, so drinking juice made from fresh fruits or vegetables provides us with “living” water.

Well processed structured water will have its physical properties changed:
1. surface tension is lower = water is a better solvent
2. pH balance is more alkaline = water is closer to the ideal pH of 7.35
3. ORP is lowered = water supports mineral exchanges necessary for life
4. clustering is reduced = water is better able to penetrate cells and hydrate

To make a decision about ways to structure your water take a look at your options on this page.


Martin Pytela
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