Keeping Up With Your Fitness Routine During the Winter


Fitness Routine During the Winter

There’s no need for a gym when you’ve got the great outdoors. Whether you’re a runner, walker, hiker or biker, heading outside and enjoying the fresh air is the perfect way to get a workout in – until cold weather descends in the winter. Yet, you don’t have to hibernate, and in turn, pack on the pounds like a bear during the cold months. Rather, stay in shape and stay motivated to work out with these tips.

 Figure Out What Motivates You

The first thing you need to keep your workout routine going in the winter is motivation to get off that couch. And how you get motivated depends on what drives you. For some, setting out workout clothes the night before so you see them as soon as you wake up is one way to do it.

Another way to motivate yourself is to put something inspirational, like a photo of the beach or an inspiring quote, on your fridge (and not just because it’ll make you think twice about what you’re about to eat), or to hang your summer swimsuit up where you can see it each and every day. Something similar to this last tactic can work because it forces you to have a forward-thinking mindset. Whether you’re planning on a beach vacay in the summer, or are running a marathon in six months, focusing on those goals and what kind of shape you want to be in can help you get out the door. After all, any training you do now is cumulative and will help you get that faster time come warmer weather.

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Get Your Heart Rate Up

Those cold temperatures are often what deter people from wanting to exercise outside. To help with that, start by stretching, as muscles tend to tense up and tighten more in colder weather. Then, get warm by getting your heart rate up even before you head outdoors. Do some jumping jacks or run in place. This sounds simple but it can work wonders for your motivation. Not only will it get your blood moving and your heart rate up, but the cool temp outside may even feel nice after you get hot inside!

Dress for the Outdoors

While you may be warm when you leave the house, stay warm – and stay safe – with what you wear. Of course, your outdoor attire will depend on just how cold it is outside, but no matter what, you can layer your activewear to ensure you stay warm. Plus, if you do start to get too warm, you can always take a layer off, whether it be an extra set of gloves or a fleece coat underneath your insulated jacket.

No matter what you’re wearing, make sure it’s water resistant, as that will help protect you from all the elements. Lastly, consider your shoes. Make sure they have a good tread so you don’t accidentally slip on any ice!

Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Still not motivated to get outside and go running, walking or whatever fitness routine you used to do in warmer weather? Then try something different outdoors. While skiing on a regular basis isn’t in the cards for most people, there are other activities that can get your heart rate up, like snowshoeing or gathering the family together for ice skating.

For a more regular workout, and if the colder temps are simply just too cold to safely work outdoors, move the routine inside and do a mix of cardio and resistance training. You can also use a treadmill, if running is your activity of choice.

It may be hard to get motivated initially, what with all that cold weather out there and the desire to get cozy, but once you get moving, your body will thank you by making you feel great.

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