Is Good Health Worth Paying For?


by Geraldine Bright

You can’t take it with you when you go, but it can make you feel better when you are alive. Yes, I’m talking about money. I think people consider what they have to pay for their health and health insurance to be quite expensive.

To have to pay out-of-pocket is often a decision made with much thought.  You can get life-changing help from natural therapists and they are not often covered by insurance.

Yet, your body is equipped to heal everything that comes its way.  What is crucial to health is that blood flows to and from your organs, muscles and all tissues so that your joints and nervous system can function.

Yesterday I saw a 14-month-old child with an ear infection.  During the assessment I noticed that his nasal bones did not move well and asked if he had a runny nose a lot of the time.  I also felt that his right eye had tension around it. His mother said he almost always had a runny nose and that his right eyelid drooped when he was tired.

Further assessment showed that his hips were not lined up properly and that his pelvis was misaligned.  Again mother confirmed that he was a breech baby with his feet by his ears in utero and that the doctor said he had a hip problem at birth, but that it was better now. But to a trained cranial sacral therapist it was obvious that his hips were not completely better.  These are things cranio sacral therapy can treat.

A 45-year-old male came to me for a checkup and I noticed that the upper lobes of his lung did not inflate well and that his nasal area was very locked up as were his cranial bones, the result of fracturing his nose and having a concussion.  He was often tired and his dyslexia was worse since the accident.  Cranio sacral therapy can improve these things.

Another patient, 50 year old male, had pain in the side of his chest for over a month which had been so painful that he finally went to his doctor who checked him very thoroughly for any heart conditions and reflux, which was a very good thing to do.  Having eliminated those conditions, there was nothing more the doctor could do for him, so he came to see me.

I found that he had a couple of ribs out of line and his diaphragm was tight because of it. I worked on his ribs and did cranial work on his head to balance the bones and tissues there also, as this will help the rest of his body. He made a full recovery after two treatments.

A 25-year-old female with severe period pain for over two years became pain free after three treatments and is pain free a year later.

A woman with recurring bladder infections didn’t get them anymore after treatment.

A woman with scoliosis contributing to her mid-back pain got great relief after one treatment.
If you need treatment and your insurance covers massage then your visit to me may be paid by your insurer.  If not, maybe having better health is worth the cost.  Please call me if you would like to discuss your condition or to make an appointment and I will be very happy to help you.

Mike Bundrant
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