If George Zimmerman were Monsanto, would any black leaders seek justice for Trayvon?


(NaturalNews) If George Zimmerman were Monsanto, would any black leaders seek justice for Trayvon? The answer is no. The African-American community is up in arms over a jury of six women finding George Zimmerman not guilty of the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin. That same community is SILENT on the routine killing of young black babies by GMOs, vaccines and even the cancer-causing chemicals found in processed meat.

Where is the march against cancer-causing sodium nitrite in hot dogs and beef jerky? There’s no telling how many young black men, boys and children are given brain cancer each year by the processed meat industry.

How many young black kids are made autistic by the methyl mercury that’s still admittedly used in vaccines?

How many young black girls are put into comas or paralyzed by HPV vaccines?

Why is Jesse Jackson utterly silent on the mass killing of black people by toxic chemicals in foods and prescription drugs?

Why does Beyonce remain completely silent when her own brothers and sisters — and their children — are routinely poisoned and killed by vaccines?

See, in this regard the black community is just like the white community: there is no universal call for justice; there’s only selective justice in rare, isolated cases while ignoring the mass killings that takes place every day through GMOs, vaccines, fluoride, chemical food additives, pesticides and more.

They will probably even serve up cancer-causing hot dogs at upcoming “Justice 4 Trayvon” rallies, thereby killing yet more of their black brothers and sisters at the same time they are calling for justice over Trayvon’s killing.

“Trayvon Benjamin Martin is dead because he and other black boys and men like him are not seen as a person, but a problem,” said Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. He said nothing about how GMOs, pesticides, vaccines, cancer centers and psychiatric drugs are part of the “problem.” All those problems, it seems, are glossed over by Warnock and virtually all other pastors (of all races and colors).

The cancer industry preys upon black America

Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by prescription drugs. Hundreds of thousands more are killed by the cancer industry and its toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Black people are far more likely to die from cancer treatments than white people due to chronic vitamin D deficiencies.

There is no call for justice for the African-America victims of the cancer industry. None whatsoever. Why aren’t black Americans rioting outside the front doors of the American Cancer Society which continues to cover up the truth about why black people get more cancer than white people?

Apparently black leadership is far too busy distracting people into the Trayvon Martin fiasco to focus on what’s really killing everyone. This is further proof that black leadership doesn’t really care about white people killing black people — they will happily let them continue to die by the millions as long as it’s white-run corporations doing the killing. Sure, Aunt Kayla has breast cancer, and uncle Tyler is dying of prostate cancer — and the entire African American community is being decimated by the cancer industry, vaccines and abortions — but apparently none of those lives count as much as Trayvon Martin’s.

If killing an unarmed black 17-year-old is wrong, then why isn’t it wrong for America’s “industries of poison” to kill millions of unarmed black children, teens and senior citizens?

And the same criticism goes for the so-called leaders of other races and religions. Why aren’t white preachers calling for their followers to hold prayer vigils outside the headquarters of Monsanto? Why isn’t the CDC being marched on by millions of angry white parents whose children have been made autistic immediately following vaccinations?

See, there is no leadership in any race, religion or culture that really stands up for the most important assaults on our lives. They are all sellouts.

When will the African-American community march on the CDC and the vaccine industry?

So enough with the demand that these marches are about “seeking justice” for the “civil rights” of the African-American community. If they really wanted to protect their teenage boys and girls, they would be marching on Monsanto, Merck and the CDC. That’s what’s really killing their babies. We’re talking about a nationwide violation of not just civil rights but human rights of all people.

If black moms and dads really wanted to protect their children, they would feed them all-organic, non-GMO diets. They would avoid vaccinations and instead give their children vitamin D supplements. But very few parents actually do that (no matter what their race). So while they may march for the death of some other couple’s child, they outright refuse to protect the health of their own child.

They are living contradictions. And this is why the United States of America is a failed state on the verge of implosion: people of all colors are protesting all the wrong things. All Americans should be taking to the streets protesting the NSA spy grid surveillance state, the assaults on free speech, the mass poisoning of our children by GMOs, and the monopoly-run medical system that kills 783,000 Americans each year, making “medicine” the No. 1 cause of death in America.

But there are no protests outside cancer clinics. No protests outside Monsanto, and no protests outside GlaxoSmithKline or Merck.

If Trayvon Martin’s spirit could talk to the African-American community right now, he would tell everyone to stop eating GMOs and stop eating poison. And that would save more lives of more black teens than any other civil rights protest.

Here’s a video I filmed three years ago with a special message to African-Americans about sunlight, skin cancer and vitamin D. It got virtually NO traction anywhere. People don’t care about their black babies being killed as long as it’s done quietly by the establishment. The same black community that once distrusted government and its sellout partnerships with deadly corporations now embraces the “culture of death” that poisons all our children with GMOs, vaccines, pesticides, fluoride and prescription medications:

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