How Fitness and Health Magazines Affect your Mental Health


How Fitness and Health Magazines Affect your Mental Health

I often look at Fitness and Health Magazines and see these beautiful perfect people on the front cover or inside the magazine and ask myself  “why after the many years and hours I have worked out, don’t I have a body like this?” Then I realize it is probably airbrushed and fixed to look like the perfect body without any flaws. But sometimes it’s hard and I feel that most people feel this way.

So many people just want to be beautiful and perfect. I feel if we do our best and workout everyday we should be proud of ourselves for doing so. But so many people have low self esteem they can’t get beyond being perfect so these articles actually affect their mental health and make them feel bad about themselves. We must all know by now that no one is perfect and we all have our flaws and should be proud of them in a way as it makes us who we are. We all wouldn’t want to have the same body or look the same would we?

I feel these magazines damage a lot of people’s self esteem and that isn’t good because feeling good about yourself makes your mental health much healthier on you in the long run. Depression over not having the perfect body is worse for your health. And we all want to strive to be happy and healthy in this life.

I want the natural news readers to only get tips from these types of magazines and not compare themselves to the people in them as they have been airbrushed, had their makeup done, hair done and given the perfect outfit for the magazine feature. We are all real people in the world and have a few flaws that we should be very proud of! Let’s all continue to eat healthy and workout daily to keep our mental health in good shape instead of dwelling on the perfect body.

Brandon Stosh
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